Happy Historic Halloween!

Halloween on the weekend before the most historic election in recent history. Wow. I spotted this pumpkin over at Yes We Carve and thought it was awesome! I don’t know what I’ll be doing tonight, but whatever it is – I’m thinking of dressing up as the Lady of Rage — I rock rough and […]

Fitzroy, Music, And Hair As Expression

Living in Miami for a decade has had its benefits — most notable of which has been a collection of really intelligent, talented, wonderful friends. One of the coolest people in the city (in my humble opinion), is Jason Fitzroy Jeffers. When I first got to know Jason, he was a respected local journalist. Then […]

Afrobella Tee shirts, Get Your Afrobella Tee shirts Here…

Hey bellas! This is just the beginning of a new adventure in the Afrobella journey. I have opened a Zazzle store, and I’ve got men’s and women’s Afrobella logo teeshirts for sale! And one very fly tote bag. And I’m working on some new, really cool other stuff too! As of right now, prices range […]

She’s Bringing Brooches Back

Did you see Michelle Obama on Leno this week? To paraphrase one of my favorite Barrington Levy songs — every day I love her just a little bit more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ubl5hSEoIQ0 I would be ever so proud to have her as the first lady. But this post isn’t about politics. It’s about fashion! 55 Secret Street […]

Shubh Divali

When I was growing up in Trinidad, I took the Hindu festival Divali for granted. I appreciated a public holiday and the opportunity to eat all the roti I wanted. But other than that, it was just another public holiday that led the way to Christmas. Now that I’ve been living away from Trinidad for […]

Halle? Natural?

Gorgeous!! Saw this photo on Just Jared and there’s another one on Jezebel, of Halle shopping at Whole Foods in Vancouver, Canada. Love it! But of course, I think Halle looks great whatever she does. I’m wondering — is this curlicious style just because she’s letting her hair do its thing, or is this for […]

Grow Your Locks

Here’s some inspiration for any of my rastabellas who are growing longer locks — Trinidad-born Asha Mandela is vying for a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records as the proud owner of the world’s longest dreadlocks. Her longest lock measures eight feet 9 inches long! Now THAT is commitment. I immediately identified with […]