Lost Ones: Marvin Gaye

He was so handsome, so incredibly talented. He had so much potential left, and a career that could have continued on for so much longer — if only. Who did it bigger or better than Marvin Gaye? I have a hard time thinking of any contemporary artist that’s even in his league. Marvin Pentz Gay […]

Classic Aretha Franklin! She Makes Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

I’ve been on a hardcore Aretha Franklin kick all week long. I think it actually started on Sunday morning, when I caught the tail end of Ain’t No Way being piped through the speakers at my grocery store. I instantly forgot what kind of bread I needed and got caught up in the melody. Ain’t […]

Ich Don’t Think So

I got a comment on my site recently that made me feel like I was in a glass case of emotions. “I really enjoy your blog but lately it seems like it has turned into a product blog. It seems like every week some company sends you some product in exchange for you ooohing and […]

Afrobella of the Week – Alison Stewart, Anchorbella

I’m a bit of a news junkie. I think it all started immediately after 9/11 — being in America when that happened really impacted upon me, and gave me this burning desire to know what was going on in the world at any given moment. To this day, I stay glued to the 24 hour […]

I Am That One Black Kid

I spotted this cartoon over at Racialicious. It was drawn by Keith Knight of the K Chronicles, and I immediately identified with it, especially with the third panel, and the one immediately under it. Except where I come from, it’s not just about not being into hip hop. It’s also about not being into soca, […]

What About Stepha?

My most sincere apologies on the lateness of this story. It’s been almost a month since Stepha Henry went missing. But still, I gotta speak my piece, and I hope that by continuing to discuss these issues, we continue to raise her profile and keep hope for her recovery alive. How many times do we […]

Throwback Tune of the Day

I didn’t expect to find a video for this song, it’s too old. So the best I could do is post a YouTube clip of her album cover, with the song bubbling in the background. No matter – this is one of my favorite songs of all time and I hope you can get with […]