Afrobella of the Week — Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s Entrepre-bella

More of you have commented about my first Miss Jessie’s post than any other thing I’ve written. As of today, the original post has 75 comments since I first wrote it in August, and my recent review of the products has gotten 45 comments so far. Few other products have produced so much debate within […]

Lost Ones: Donyale Luna

She was born into a turbulent Detroit household, with an abusive father who was murdered when she was 18. Her mother encouraged her to become a nurse. A relative once described her as being “a very weird child, even from birth, living in a wonderland, a dream.” Donyale Luna created her own dream. She made […]

Miss Jessie’s Product Review

I bet you didn’t even know you were waiting for a product review, did you? Well it seems many of my readers have been! Since I went natural, the drumbeats have slowly been building. When I started Afrobella back in August, they almost became deafening. Must. Try. Miss. Jessie’s. Curly. Pudding! And I wanted to […]

More Than Worth a Click

I’ve gotten so sick of being disappointed by magazines. I buy a lot of monthly mags, and there’s a familiar feeling of emptiness that I get after realizing yup, I read this whole thing cover to cover and got not-a-damn-thing out of the experience. I’m not gonna name names because I have lofty freelancing goals […]

I’m a Thinking Blogger!

Didja miss me? My weekend got hijacked by one of my best friends, who came to visit all the way from Modesto, California! She’s on a plane back as I type this, and I miss her already. So instead of spending my Sunday plugged into the computer, I was dragged away from the screen and […]

Worth a Click

Heavy sigh. Here we go again… Oh Akon. I was so happy and proud when you incorporated Trinidadian rhythms into your video for “Don’t Matter.” So you can imagine how disappointed and disgusted I was to see this article in the Trinidad Express. And then the video of you practically mauling a fourteen year old […]

Ask Afrobella: The $100 Sephora Shopping Spree

Look at it. So cold, so clean, so sterile. So jam packed with things you want to get your well-manicured hands on. The latest in mineral concealer technology. The new hot lip gloss. Enough eyeliner and mascara to make Tammy Faye Baker faint. Powders and potions and perfumes, oh my! Sephora is toyland for women […]