Contacting Me

I want to send you an Ask Afrobella question. What’s your e mail?

Send all Ask Afrobella questions, or questions in general, to . I read all of my e mail, and it might take me a while to respond, but I promise to write back!

What kinds of questions can we Ask Afrobella?

You can ask me anything about black beauty, natural hair care, skin care, makeup advice, self esteem, whatever comes to mind! I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, I’m just an opinionated product junkie who loves trying new things and learning about beauty. But to answer your question as best as possible, I will do as much research as I can. I’m also actively seeking beauty experts to be Afrobella consultants, so if you’re a dermatologist, makeup artist, or hair dresser with advice to share, holla at your girl at!

Afrobella Business and Advertising

I have an awesome website too! Can you add me to your links and I’ll do the same?

Fabulous! E mail me ( and tell me all about it. If your site isn’t overtly objectionable (I won’t link any adult dating sites or get-rich-quick sites so stop asking me, please), I’ll try my best to accommodate you. Please don’t get mad at me if I don’t link to your site. I get many of these requests, and I can’t link everyone.

I want to advertise on your site. How can we make that happen?

I signed a contract with Glam Media, and they currently control all of the above-the-fold advertising on my site.

For below-the-fold ads, I’m very excited about featuring a select group of advertisers who click with the Afrobella mentality. That means no offensive or adult sites. My advertising rates are reasonable, and I especially love working with up and coming entrepreneurs. If you e mail me at, I will send you all of the information you need.

How do you obtain your items for review? What products get reviewed on

Many of the products reviewed on this site have been submitted by professionals in the PR field, manufacturers, or entrepreneurs. I don’t review all of the products I am sent, generally I feature the products that are best in quality and worth spreading the word about. The others I share with my family and friends, give away, or donate to local women’s charities.

I want to send you a product to review. How do I do that? And how long does it take you to review a product?

No problem! E mail me at and I will send you a mailing address. I generally try to review a product a month or two after I’ve gotten it. That gives me time to use it more than twice, and to form an educated opinion. If you sent me something and you think I’ve taken more than two months to review it, please send me a reminder e mail. I’m but one person, and I do get overwhelmed at times.

Are there any products that you won’t review?

Please keep the hair straightening samples away. Thank you! In general I prefer to review hair products that aren’t made of bad-for-you ingredients like petrolatum, alcohol, and mineral oil. I have naturally curly hair and I’d prefer to keep it that way, so please don’t send me products that won’t work for my hair type. All I can do with those is give them away, and I can’t guarantee a great review for your product that way. Also, I’m very hesitant about trying pills or vitamins from companies I am unfamiliar with. And yes, I’ve received samples of these kinds of things before. If you want to send a product that’s particular to my skin tone, please e mail me first so we can figure out the perfect match together.

I want to do a product giveaway on your site. How can we make that happen?

Exciting! First of all, please oh please don’t send me enough product for ten people. I do share these items among friends and family who help me to do big reviews, but in general, I’d rather HOST your giveaway rather than be the one to mail out all of the items myself. I love doing product giveaways, and if you’re interested in having me review and giveaway your products, please e mail me so we can discuss our options.

Comments and Feedback

I posted a comment, but it doesn’t show up on your page. What gives?

First of all, thanks for commenting! If your comment hasn’t shown up, it’s probably stuck in my spam filter. I get bombarded with a ridiculous amount of spam, so the filter successfully traps most of it. But if you enter a weird or fake e mail address, or include websites or HTML in the body of your comment, it might not get automatically posted. But worry not – I go through the spam filter every day and fish out the real comments from the spam. So if it doesn’t come up right away, it’ll definitely be posted later on.

I cursed you out on your site, but it doesn’t show up on your page. WTF?

Um… thanks for commenting? I do read everything that gets sent to me, and I appreciate knowing that not everyone shares my opinion. But you’ll notice that I don’t curse on the site, ever. Nor do I allow or encourage cursing on my site. I made a conscious decision to keep my four-letter-word use to my personal life, and one of the best things about Afrobella in my opinion, is that readers of all ages can enjoy my writing without being bombarded by f-bombs and mofos. So I’m happy to read your passionate defense of Akon or whatever you’ve chosen to wax not-so-eloquent about, but if you can’t state your case without resorting to the same four letter words over and over again, I’ll delete it. If you can manage to state your opinion intelligently without the sailor talk, it will appear verbatim. I don’t have a problem with dissent, just with lack of verbal creativity. And if you really, really are burning to curse me out personally, drop me an e mail so I can delete that too. K thx.

Why aren’t there more pictures of your hair online? We want more pictures!

I’ve always been very particular about photos of me. Ask my husband, it’s annoying as all get-out. And although I love browsing through them for inspiration, I don’t have an updated FOKTI or Flickr page for that reason. I promise to be better at that and will try to share more personal photos. But if I go too much in that direction, then people start accusing you of being like Perez Hilton or “wanting to be famous,” which has already happened. The moral of the story is please yourself, because you can’t please everybody. So more hair and beauty photos will come along, slowly but surely. Thanks for understanding.

You were doing great with the videos on YouTube for a while there – will you do more vlogging?

Yes! I sincerely love video and I’m working on more YouTube videos for my channel. But it’s kind of a pain, and YouTube removed the audio from one of my videos… it takes alot of effort. And I feel shy when I try to talk directly to the camera. But I’m working on it, so expect to see more videos from me soon!