Oscar Fashion Highlights!

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Show

Can I be honest? Bellas, I felt lucky to make it all the way through last night’s Academy Award ceremony. I’ve been making it a point to watch the Oscars all the way through ever since I was little, and last night’s ceremony was naptastic. Snoozeworthy. Boring to the extreme. At the end I found […]

It’s the Afrobella QVC Buzz on the Red Carpet Giveaway!


Last night on QVC, the Buzz on the Red Carpet began with a bang! If you watched from 9 pm to midnight you already know — celebrities galore! Live from LA, fans and shoppers saw the Kardashian gals, Joan Rivers, Dennis Basso…all KINDS of stars who represent and love what QVC does, all mingling and […]

6 Words. This Friday. Diana Ross on Oprah!


Bellas, set Your DVR. Tell the boss you’re taking a personal day! If you’re a big fan of the original female singing group, big fabulous hair, and icons who have earned the title with sweat and talent…you need to see Diana Ross on Oprah this Friday. And it won’t just be Miss Ross. According to […]

I Dream of Spring

Flats Tan _ Black 0017

Last week the weather was unseasonably warm. The mere taste of 60 degree temperatures was enough to bring Chicago out into the streets. Around the downtown loop, it felt like Spring despite the bare trees and dwindling snowpiles. Just enough time for me to dream of Spring and the clothes and shoes I’m dying to […]

Red Carpet Ready!


In this random DIY-career thing I’ve got going on, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some shall we say, red carpet moments. I’ve done a few step-and-repeats, and I’ve also been lucky enough to cover the red carpet and watch celebrities do their thing. In the photo above, I’m posing with Aly Walansky and Amber […]

Blog Sister Love!


Every week I’m going to highlight my favorite posts from around the blogosphere, to keep you bellas up to date on what’s happening in hair, beauty, fashion and more! Hair This weekend I had the honor of speaking at a special natural hair meetup here in Chicago. Put together by the dynamic makeup artist and […]

Happy 80th Birthday, Toni Morrison!


Dear Toni Morrison. I’m gonna skip the formalities and just call you Aunt Toni, if that’s alright. Please don’t be offended by my familiarity. In my head, that’s who you are. And you’ve been there for me for years, offering sage words that I may not have always understood, even though they’ve resonated in my […]