Happy Independence Day to My Trinis!

Even though I’m far away, Trinidad will always be my home. And on days like today I miss the simple pleasures. Like spending time with my family, going to visit my friends, eating good food like roti and doubles, shark and bake, pholourie, and pelau. I miss drinking Shandy and having the best rum available […]

The New York Times on Black Hair

Bellas — slow down, take a moment. Drink it in. Our hair is having a moment. Tyra Banks is about to devote a whole show to her own Natural Hair Day. Chris Rock and Nelson George’s film Good Hair hits select cities October 9 (and opens nationally October 23). And just last week, the New […]

Avon 3-in-1 Giveaway Winners!

What a great giveaway month August has been! Sarenzo Beads, Queen Ifrica, Avon… and I’ve got one more before the month is through. So if you aren’t among the lucky 10 listed below, don’t you worry – there’s one more in store for bloggerversary month! For now, here are the winners of the Avon 3-in-1 […]

Fefe’s Back!

When Fefe Dobson burst on the scene back in 2003, rock-loving black girls around the world sat up and took notice. Here was a chick who refused to play by the record label rules. Edgy, cute, funky, and totally unique at the time. She was getting solid airplay on MTV for a minute there, but […]

A Curly Conundrum

The words we use to describe our hair are so loaded with significance and so often lead to complex, thorny issues. I try to choose my words carefully, but even still, sometimes I get tripped up in what’s acceptable and what can be offensive. I personally don’t care for, and consequently don’t use “nappy.” But […]

Call Her Dr. Roxanne

Talk about a sweet revenge! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsaepyi8MR0 I read the story of Roxanne Shante fighting the system and getting what she earned and deserved in the NY Daily News. Of course being an Eighties baby, I was familiar with Roxanne Shante. The hip hop pioneer was one of the first ladies to rock a mic, and […]

Dear, Sweet Aaliyah – 8 Years Gone

I wrote the following words in 2007, for a post titled simply: I Miss You. “…I never knew Aaliyah, so I can only imagine the heartbreak that her family and friends felt. Feel. Aaliyah’s death hit me harder than Kurt Cobain’s did, and I was a huge grunge music head at that time. But all […]