Ask Afrobella — Seeking Natural Hair Salons

Here’s an Ask Afrobella question that I’m gonna need you all to help me answer. Ready? Here goes… Hello Afrobella, First, let me start off by letting you know how much I really respect you as a Woman, Journalist, & Fellow Afrobella! I really appreciate your point of view. Please know that you have filled […]

Ask Afrobella – Wedding Bellas

One of the biggest myths about natural hair that well-meaning-but-clueless relatives and friends might tell you is, there’s a lack of versatility to your style options. In my experience, it’s often the people who tend to wear their straight do’s in the same tired old styles anyway who have the audacity to say these kinds […]

A Different Kind of Ask Afrobella

Most of the Ask Afrobella questions I get are about hair and beauty stuff. So when I got this one, I was thrown for a loop a little bit. Here it is. Hello Afrobella, How are you? I am writing because it seems that you know a lot about a lot. Here is the skinny, […]

Ask Afrobella: Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Just because I don’t also share a specific beauty concern with you, doesn’t mean that I don’t have your back. You can write in any kind of Ask Afrobella question under the sun! Recently I got a good one. Hey Hey Bella, I’m a light skinded black woman with an ongoing beauty problem. I have […]

Stylin’ Little Afrobellas

I already expressed my adoration of little Zahara Jolie-Pitt, so when I spotted this adorable photo over at DListed, I had to share. Yay, Zahara! What a little cutie. So expressive and bright, and she just lights up when she smiles. And lil mama is growing up fierce — check out her mom-and-me matching Valentino […]

Ask Afrobella — The “Professional” Prejudice

Since that Glamour magazine editor’s quote hit the streets last week, yours truly has been swamped with e mails and Ask Afrobella questions. Like this one, yesterday! Robin asks: Bella, I’m waiting on the corporate hair discussion. I’m in a rut with this issue as we speak. I am looking for a new job in […]

Ask Afrobella: Makeup for Dummies, Part Deux

I know, I know. I’m way behind on my Ask Afrobellas. I’m gonna try to be better. Ready? Here goes. In response to my first Makeup for Dummies post, berrybrowne asks: ‘bella – i wear liner, mascara, cream blush and lip gloss EVERY DAY! but that’s all:-( i feel so sad and boring and i […]