5 …very random Caribbean Christmas songs

from sunshinecatering.co.uk

My husband and I have very different ideas about appropriate Christmas music. He grew up in the snowy Midwest, always with a real pine tree, wood crackling in the fireplace, Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. I grew up in Trinidad, always with a lifelike but fake plastic tree, bright sunshine and cool breezes on […]

Rest in Peace, Odetta

Sad news this morning — the queen of American folk music, former Afrobella of the Week, Odetta, has passed away at the age of 77. The New York Times obituary was truly touching, and Time Magazine has written a beautiful obit, which reads in part: “Her death on Dec. 2 in New York City at […]

Sparrow Sang For Me


Almost exactly a year ago, I had the interview of a lifetime. The all time calypso king of the world, The Mighty Sparrow was set to come to Miami for a special show at the Arsht Center called Calypso at Dirty Jim’s. Non-Caribbean readers, let me explain how big this was for me. Sparrow is […]

Fitzroy, Music, And Hair As Expression

Living in Miami for a decade has had its benefits — most notable of which has been a collection of really intelligent, talented, wonderful friends. One of the coolest people in the city (in my humble opinion), is Jason Fitzroy Jeffers. When I first got to know Jason, he was a respected local journalist. Then […]

RIP, Alton Ellis

Sad news in the reggae world tonight, as one of Jamaican music’s pioneers has passed away. Rest in peace, Alton Ellis, the godfather of rocksteady. According to the

Barackin’ Out

When I first heard Jay Z was putting on a free concert for Barack Obama, I went on a mission. I contacted a posse of friends to go with. When I heard that tickets were going out to Campaign for Change offices Thursday morning, I planned to get to work late. But instead I stood […]

How Late Am I to the Sam Sparro Party?

Was I under a rock of some kind? Since 2007? Courtesy of Best Week Ever, I just discovered the music of Sam Sparro this weekend, and fell head over heels for this Australian boy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra6t2n1H7KU Anyone who can cover Estelle that well gets a thumbs up from me. I like but don’t love 21st Century […]