Big Up, Jazmine!

This week is beating me up, bellas! And already, it’s Thursday. I’ve got some big writing going on behind the scenes and I’m working on the kind of post that makes me wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Oh, politics. I’m gonna take my time on this one and chew before […]

Beautiful Big Girls, Workin’ It Out

Big ups and thanks to the hardworking bloggers at Jezebel — for it was there that I got to see almost all of the new issue of Vogue Italy. And it’s gorgeous. The photography is amazing, the women look stunning, and I am totes going to buy this magazine as a keepsake for myself. The […]

Set Your Tivo — CNN edition

A rare Saturday post from me… I just flipped to CNN and saw that the most interesting program will be airing this weekend. Tonight and tomorrow night at 6 and 11 p.m., CNN will be airing Daughters of Legacy, conversation and remembrances by daughters of MLK, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Johnnie Cochran and Sidney Poitier. […]

Throwback Thursday — Down By The River

I went to bed all pissed off at Jesse Jackson… all I can say is REALLY, Jesse? Is this how the lion in winter gets his moment in the spotlight? I love how his son, Jesse Jackson Jr., dealt with it — “He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself.” […]

So, How was the Essence Festival?

Being the live music baby that I am, I was heartbroken to not be able to make it to this year’s Essence Music Festival. Did you go? If you did, I’m jealous! From everything I’ve read so far, the event was spectacular and the lineup was SICK — Kanye, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jill Scott, Ledisi, […]

Throwback Thursday — Luther, Luther, Luther

I never met him, never knew him, but I miss him. Luther Vandross was a rare artist, a man with a golden voice, and from all appearances, a golden personality. Having grown up on his music — raise your hand if you had a copy of The Best of Luther Vandross at your crib! — […]

The Band I’m Seeing Tonight

When I was 14, I practically begged my brother to get me Pearl Jam’s VS on tape. That was by far the most memorable Christmas gift that year. Even though I lived in the Caribbean, far, far, FAR away from the flannel shirt set in Seattle, I got way into the grunge scene via MTV. […]