5 Reasons You Should Visit Jamaica


Growing up in Trinidad, I believed that intra-Caribbean traveling wasn’t necessary.When you’re born and raised in a place with 80 degree weather, coconut trees and sandy beaches of its own and you’re the last of 5 kids, a “vacation” is a trip to someplace foreign and exotic like…New York. Or Los Angeles. Or Miami (all […]

Afrobella Does Toronto


My first trip to Toronto was basically a 48 hour whirlwind. Came to town, had dinner, went to the MAC factory, then back to the airport. I wanted to experience more the second time around. On Friday 16 the homie Luvvie and I flew into the Billy Bishop Toronto Airport, for the first ever Soulafrodisiac […]

Win a Trip to Paris!


Everyone I know who has been, has fallen in love with the culture, the ambiance, the food, the romance of Paris. Someday, I dream of visiting and strolling hand in hand along Parisian streets with my husband. It isn’t my time – not just yet. BUT – thanks to my friends at Black Atlas – […]

Aloha! My Hawaii Videos are on Black Atlas

Bellas! Fellas! Remember I went to Hawaii in January? My articles and videos are finally up on Black Atlas. This is an exciting first for me, and the fulfillment of a New Year’s Resolution. I’ve faced my fear! And these are my first real on-camera YouTube videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2EUpRt60MU I’m not loving myself on camera 100% […]

When Bella Goes a-Traveling


I’m looking forward to this weekend for the dorkiest reason — finally I’m going to unpack my suitcases, put away my summer clothes, and take my makeup and hair products out of my travel bag. Until February, when I go on another trip! With all the traveling I’ve been doing, I’ve had to learn the […]

Aloha, Bellas!


I meant to post on Friday before I left…but the sand in the hourglass ran out before I had a chance. I spent the weekend in Hawaii, touring the island of Oahu for an upcoming feature for BlackAtlas.com. That’s me at the Diamond Head volcanic crater! I am in LOVE with Hawaii right now. Words […]

Oasis of the Seas = Indescribable


Bellas, I’m in love with a cruise ship. I’m writing to you on board the amazing, incredible, gorgeous Oasis of the Seas – the largest cruise ship at sea. It’s got seven different neighborhoods. The first ever park at sea. A bar that moves between three decks. A zip line. Two surfing simulators. Broadway plays […]