Blushes For Dark Skin That You Need Now

Best Blushes For Dark Skin

I used to be scared of blush. I loved when makeup artists used it on me, but whenever I tried to use it on myself I would freak myself out. There definitely is such a thing as too much blush, and when you see it, it’s undeniable. Growing up around Aunty (name redacted) laid the […]

The Best Quotes About The Gabby Douglas Hair Issue


Lately I have been struggling to find the right words, or even the desire to write them. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit disappointed when I read articles about natural hair or hair in general – so many of us are judging each other and policing other people’s choices, it creates an abyss of negativity […]

Black Woman, Know That You Are Beautiful

The March issue of Glamour magazine features a six-page spread titled Your Race, Your Looks.” The article is a response to the publication’s professional hair debacle of last year. In November, Glamour magazine rounded up a panel of esteemed journalists, beauty entrepreneurs, and academic figures to discuss the current state of the depiction of black […]