Jody Watley On Life, Music, Beauty, Billy B and Being an Icon


When you think of Jody Watley, very specific visuals might come to mind. Sleek hair. Bangin’ brows. Hoop earrings. A matte red lip. When I visualize Jody Watley, I always envision her in an all black ensemble. And for me that’s entirely because Jody Watley was one of my earliest beauty icons. Her Eighties hits […]

Billy B on Makeup, Jody Watley, Life, and Being a Legend


When I first opened my eyes to the world of beauty and makeup and possibility that I too, might be an attractive girl in my own right….there was the makeup of Billy B to guide me. In case you don’t know, the celebrity makeup artist who today is beloved for his work on RuPaul’s Drag […]

Missy Elliott: Makeup Muse and Hip-Hop Heroine


I’ve noticed something quite disappointing on some of my favorite gossip sites. Every time a post on Missy Elliott is made – photos of her at a party, or awards show, whatever; some ig’nant commenters are unable to say anything but negative stuff. It always comes down to Missy’s sexuality, her appearance, or her weight. […]