Vogue Africa, We Hardly Knew Ye


Mario Epanya had a dream, and did his best to make the dream become a reality. The dream was Vogue Africa. Epanya – a photographer from Cameroon, who is currently based in Paris – shot a number of beautiful covers. His goal was to prove that Vogue Africa could be viable, vibrant, and admired. On […]

More Of This, Please


My amiga Tomiko shared this video on her Facebook page, and I HAD to post it here for all to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-sAxB1ImGw The late, truly great designer Yves Saint Laurent was an innovator of style and a champion of black models in the fashion industry. Check out this fabulous AmberMag article for more. Oh, and […]

Vogue Italia Comment Love!

Even though we’re now in August (this year is positively flying past me, I swear), the July issue of Vogue Italia continues to make news. The issue was the first in Conde Nast history to be reprinted, and it’s been analyzed to high heaven — Jezebel did exhaustive work, as did Make Fetch Happen. Stylechile […]