On My Way to Blogging While Brown!


Bellas! Fellas! As you read this I am packing a suitcase and headed to Philadelphia! I’m SO EXCITED. Number one, I’ve never been to Philly before and I’ve only heard GREAT things! Number TWO, I’m going to Philly for Blogging While Brown, one of my favorite annual blogging conferences! SO many of my close, personal […]

HOORAY for the Winner of the Eden BODYWorks Blogging While Brown Scholarship!


When the wonderful folks of Eden BODYWorks came to me with the idea of the Blogging While Brown scholarship giveaway, I thought it was an absolutely AMAZING idea, one I’d love to collaborate on every year! And I also said to them, please don’t ask me to judge this because WAY too many of my […]

It’s the EDEN BodyWorks & Afrobella Blogging While Brown Scholarship Giveaway!


If you’re a blogger who’s serious about advancing your craft, who’s interested in networking and being part of the greater community of bloggers, then you should definitely be going to conferences. There are blogger conferences for every niche of the internet. I’ve been to more than a few in my time, and there’s one that […]