Shop My Spring Into Summer QVC Lookbook!

bella collage 2

The response to my first fashion lookbook was so amazing, I knew I had to keep them coming! My intent the next time around was to ramp up the experience. It’s one thing to see what someone is wearing and be inspired by the way things were put together, but I wanted to curate the […]

Erykah’s Earwings

Erykah Badu - photo from Billboard

If you saw photos and video of Erykah Badu at Lollapalooza, you probably have two questions. 1: What was Erykah going for with that fabulous out-there hair? And 2: Where can I get a pair of those AMAZING earrings??? Thanks to the article and video interview on -we know that soon enough those enormous […]

Chic in Crochet

Earrings by Star Crochet Designs

Once upon a time, crochet may have been the hobby your grandmother or aunty used to pass the time. Their needlework generally resulted in doilies, tablecloths, kitschy detailing on dresses, and those often-ill fitting waistcoats that were briefly popular in the Nineties. (I’m speaking from personal experience, here). That was then. There’s been a HUGE […]