Throwback Thursday: The Magic of Etta James


Recent reports about Etta James left me truly disturbed and saddened as a longtime fan of her music. She just turned 73 on Tuesday. It’s been reported that she is currently suffering with leukemia and dementia. Her family is going through legal struggles to protect her assets, and just today a court ruled that her […]

Etta James and the PERFECT Cat’s Eye


Etta James may have had a cherubic face — but listen to that voice. And check out that cat’s eye. Etta was BAD and letting us know in her own inimitable way. Drink that in, cause they don’t make it like that anymore. I first featured that video in a Throwback Thursday in 2008, […]

Marvin Gaye – Gone But Never Forgotten

Marvin Gaye – musical innovator, truth teller, soul singer, Trouble Man. Today marks 26 years since Marvin passed away. Tomorrow would have been his 71st birthday. I paid homage to Marvin in this Lost Ones post — I gave up writing that series because it ached to work on it. That post in particular got […]

Throwback Thursday – Songs That Heal and Protect

This has been one of those weeks where I wish I could just go back to Monday and start over. I’ve been pretty much flat in bed, drinking Nyquil by night and Dayquil by day. Yup, I’m sick and on top of that the deadlines and e mails don’t ever stop when you work for […]

RIP, Teddy Pendergrass

This has been an awful, awful week for bad news. Today apparently is no exception. I just woke up to learn that R&B legend Teddy Pendergrass has passed away. What a sad way to kick off a Throwback Thursday post. CNN reports that he passed away last night, and details aren’t forthcoming but his death […]

Throwback Thursday – Still Missing Michael

Like many of my peers in the blogosphere, I’ve been trying my best to move on. But it’s hard. I still can’t quite believe — a week ago, Michael Jackson passed away. Even typing that phrase feels wrong. I wrote a tribute from the depths of my heart and then tried to look away from […]

RIP, Koko Taylor

I know I just moved to Chicago, but I’ve already witnessed the power of the blues. One of the first things I did as I hit the city was head to Buddy Guy’s, and you can feel the spirit of legends in the air. Tragically, one of those Chicago blues legends passed away yesterday. Koko […]