Looking For a Satin Lined Knit Hat? Look No Further Than Shepiji on Etsy!


Funny thing about Spring – you hear that the season’s begun and you go into expectation overdrive. “Soon there’ll be sunshine and flowers and happiness everywhere!” you think. And then you wake up in the morning to snowflakes outside your window and black ice on the sidewalk. Seriously. I almost busted my butt on the […]

Natural Hair, Winter Care. 7 Products I Recommend


This week, temperatures in Chicago were reading in the negatives and single digits. As a woman born and raised in the Caribbean I hope you know that I am not about that cold weather life. Neither is my skin (see yesterday’s post) and neither is my hair. Thanks to the extreme chilliness of outside and […]

Winter Hair Care Advice from Curly Nikki


Bellas! Your girl Afrobella is having a beauty crisis of her very own. It’s getting colder and colder here in Chicago, and I can’t hide from it forever… my first winter is just around the corner. My skin’s becoming noticeably dryer, and my hair… well let’s just say my hair seems to be trying to […]