I purchased Optimum Oil Therapy on a Walgreens whim. Whenever I go to a drug store I always wind up drawn to the ethnic section. It’s like a tractor beam. I stand there staring at the same old small section of familiar products. Queen Helene’s there, next to African Royale. TCB, Dax, and Duke are on the bottom shelf, next to S-Curl and VO5 grease in the tube. A giant spray can of Olive Oil, Just For Me, and a lot of bottles that have the word “Gro” on the label clutter the shelves. Then there’s my least favorite hair product, Luster’s Pink Oil.

Oil Therapy

Forgive me, Pink ladies. I have given this pastel goop enough of a try. In an ideal example of buyer’s remorse, I even once spent money on the Light Pink Oil. There was nothing light about it. It was just as goopy and sticky as its Pepto Bismol colored sister. And it still made my hair look like I had used Soul Glo.
So when I saw this stuff, I got a little excited. Optimum smelled better than Pink Oil, and it claimed to have “micro-oil technology” whatever that meant. Curly hair needs moisture; it drinks it up like a sponge. But products like this don’t moisturize my hair effectively. Instead, the oil therapy weighs down my curls and I wind up with Billy Ocean hair.

Billy Ocean

Not cool. I’m glad I only spent $3.99 on this oil therapy; otherwise I’d be a lot angrier with myself for wasting money on lame products.

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