So I had quite a holiday weekend. We had visitors come from Chicago, and enjoyed four days of blissful overindulgence. But all of that boozing, dancing, and Cheesecake Factory goodness took a toll on me. Your girl faced Tuesday looking and feeling a wreck. My eyes were bleary, I got a wicked breakout on my forehead, and I felt terribly dehydrated. By Wednesday I was back in the saddle again, thanks to Kimora Lee Simmons and a mask. Let me explain.

What can I say about Kimora? She’s an undoubtedly gorgeous woman, and I am sure she’s a great mom. Definitely a fun let’s-get-dressed-up-and-have-a-fancy-tea-party, of-course-you-can-wear-lipstick-even-though-you’re-eight-years-old kind of mom.

But I’m just not a golden toilet kind of person, and she totally is. Ugh. She’s just so disgustingly ostentatious and nouveau riche. Just much too much too much. I just want her to tone it down a notch or five. Most often, less is more, Kimora. But I read an excerpt from her trashtastic book, ahem – Fabulousity: What It Is, And How To Get It – and it’s totally worked for me. I’ve always hated drinking water. Then I read that one of Kimora’s five fabuloustic foods (God, I can’t believe I just typed that) is iced green tea. Now that sounds good. I wish I could have my chef make me pitchers of the stuff. But instead, I just fill a kettle (or large pot) with water, boil it, then add two green teabags. Then comes the fun part.

I’m a total tea freak, and I have a special shelf exculsively devoted to every flavor imaginable. Plantation Mint, Madagascar Vanilla Red, pear rooibos. I add two of whatever tea bag I want (or a tea ball full of loose leaves), and let it steep until the pitcher’s cool enough to put in the fridge. Then I drink it over crushed ice, with Splenda to taste. It’s refreshing, and totally rehydrates me. Thanks for the tip, KLS. Now I’m considering buying her Chocolate Shimmer Powder. I’m at an impasse. Like I explained with J.Lo, I don’t quite want to support her evil empire. But Christmas is so far away…

For this week’s hangover tea, I chose Plantation Mint. I love anything minty. To me it tastes like a refreshing elixir. To you, it might taste like high-class mouthwash. Find the flavor that’s right for you and sip it all day long. Your body will thank you for it.

To try to clear up my flare-up, I used Kiehl’s Rare-Earth Facial Cleansing Masque. It makes my face feel softer, doesn’t dry out my skin as some other clay masks do, and literally overnight, turned my blossoming breakout into a patch of somewhat rougher skin. I follwed the mask with the Abyssine Cream, and went to bed early. When I woke up the next day, I felt ready to put my best face forward.

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