Afrobella of the Week: Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae

I’ve expressed my admiration for Janelle Monae a few times before. I first caught sight of her in the Outkast video for “Morris Brown”, which reminds me of an urban Who Framed Roger Rabbit. (I hope those guys never break up, the game needs their kind of creativity.)

I love her style. Homegirl is fierce. After I read the excellent Janelle Monae interview by Brian on Concrete Loop (I linked the cached version. Get well soon, Concrete Loop! I’m praying for you guys) I was decidedly intrigued by this very chic afrobella.

Then I read this FAQ blog entry on her magnificent My Space Janelle Monae page. The bolding is my own emphasis.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Top 3 Questions answered…

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Hey Cybro’s and gals!!! I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU for supporting me and my music! If you went out and bought the Outkast “Idlewild” album and saw the movie “Idlewild”, THANKS and I love you! Your support means a lot! I just wanted to also answer my “TOP 3″ asked questions.

The ..1 question is, “When is your album coming? Well, I don’t have any distribution right now. Purple Ribbon is an independent label and needs the support of a major label, like Jive, Def Jam, Interscope, etc to distribute my music or I just need someone to love me, as an artist, and my music as much as Wondaland Productions (my production company), Big Boi, and Purple Ribbon does and help us push the album. A company that would know how to market me, my music, and my whole life story, would really help out a lot! I have a few offers, but I am still making decisions. I am praying so hopefully it happens soon! The top of next year is what we are hoping for.

2. The next question is, “Is there any music we can purchase?” Yes! My song “Lettin’ Go!” is being sold on Itunes or on the “Big Boi Presents… Got Purp? Vol: II”! You can also get the Outkast “Idlewild” album on Itunes or in your local stores! I am featured on 2 songs, “Call the Law” and “In Your Dreams”. “Peachtree Blues” is also being sold on! Um…I think that is it though. I am saving all my music for my album… sorry. And you can always go to my page or my official site, ! Oops! You are already here, so feel free to listen to the music! And the last question,

..3, is “Who styles you and does your hair and make-up?” Well folks, sorry to say this but I DO! I do my own styling and my own tangled up hair! I can’t afford to pay anyone right now and I never like to inconvience anyone I don’t have to. I mean I may not do the BEST job, but if I can do it, I would just rather it be that way. However, I do go to P. Valentine and Controversy (two stores here in Atlanta) for some of my clothes! Fadia Kadar is the best! She helps me out when I need it! My schedule is getting very hectic, so hopefully i’ll have someone soon who can help shop for me, but now I pretty much am doing it. I do my make-up too, but in some of my pics the photographer had a very cool make-up artist there to help me. I also hate talking about my make-up and clothes and stuff, so next topic? Oh yeah, once again, I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for your support and KEEP dreaming!!!

Janelle Monae styles her own hair???

She’s my new heroine. Her ‘do is on point. I love the retro updo, and it looks great loose and wild. She inspired me to start a whole new regular segment! Two snaps a twist and a kiss for Miss Monae.

I’ll be experimenting with bobby pins this weekend.

Congrats, Janelle Monae! You might hate talking about hair and makeup, but you’re the very first Afrobella of the Week!

** edited on September 16 at 12:07 p.m.

I’m so excited! I sent a MySpace message and comment to Miss Monae about being Afrobella of the Week, and she actually responded! Janelle, you’re awesome. I’ll repost her response here:

Hey Darling! I just wanted to let you know that I really, REALLY appreciate your support! It means so much to me, to have someone positive and naturally beautiful admire what it is I am doing! I wish you more than the BEST in ALL that you aspire to do! Remember to keep DREAMING and don’t ever let your dreams die. The impossible has always been possible in my book…

–Janelle Monae (love Ya!)

Yay! I love when celebrities are down to earth and accessible. You’ve got a fan for life, Janelle Monae. To celebrate, here’s the video that inspired me. She’s so adorably retro chic here, rockin’ in the back seat of the Caddy.

Go Janelle Monae!

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  1. Unfinished Business says:

    YES, AFROBELLA, YES!!!! Janelle Monae is so talented, it’s frightening!! It’s like someone preserved her from another era just so we can be blessed with her style and talent! I hope and pray that she starts a new trend among our young sistahs (and brothas too) who believe that you must be butt- naked to produce good music. This chick stands out among the mass of manufactured singers we are subjected to today!

  2. I love Janelle Monae, “Letting Go” my jam.
    Can’t wait for the album to drop.

  3. Hey!! Love your blog! The colors are so pretty and the content even prettier!

  4. YUS! janelle is the cutest thing! “peacetree blues” mellows me out and “lettin go” makes me dance like nobody’s watchin!
    and its even better to learn that she does her own makeup, hair (which i wanna try the styles she has done) and clothes.. who’ve ever thunk it? she’s a janelle of all trades! lol

  5. 70ssoulchild says:

    Very beautiful and down to earth young woman..Love the video..OutKast keeps us visually simulated that’s for sure..

  6. I LOVE her!! She’s too freaking cute and I heart her style! I can’t wait until she releases her cd, I’ll most definitely buy it.

  7. I was browsing your site (I think it is absolutely wonderful), and was ecstatic I found this post, I love her style in the video, and cant wait till my hair is long enough to style like that.

  8. My friend just sent me the song Lettin Go. I LOVE it!!!! :D
    It is so uplifting! Get it girl!!

  9. Simply just by understanding Dino your 3 years I’ve been in this article, he has been nothing but skilled, Baker informed your pieces of paper. He’s already been quite, quite comprehensive. Relating to simply no worries and no qualms.

  10. Thanks for finally writing about >Afrobbella of the Week: Janelle Monae | Afrobella
    <Liked it!


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