If you’re a black woman in the Americas, you’re probably familiar with the Motions line of haircare products. (Holla at me if y’all know about Motions in the UK, British bellas!) There’s been a jar of CPR treatment conditioner in the shower at the homestead in Trinidad for as far back as I can remember (you know, right next to the Queen Helene Cholesterol).

CPR is a good conditioning product for natural and relaxed bellas, and I’ve repurchased many times and oft. But after a while, I yearned for a different deep conditioner and I strayed from the familiar yellow and purple jar. Until recently, when I came across a new product from the good people at Motions.

Motions At Home Salon Care Weightless Detangling Conditioner comes in a curvy new bottle, and promises to help repair and strengthen hair, in addition to conditioning, detangling, and softening tangled tresses. The product is made for fine to medium hair and mine is more on the coarse side, but I bought it because it was made by a company I knew well and respected, and I figured I could use this product as a good, daily conditioner wash as part of my “low poo” routine. Boy was I wrong.

First of all, “weightless” is an understatement. I expect a certain thickness of my shampoo and conditioner, and this stuff just squirted out like week-old milk. And it smelled like Lemon Pledge. I gamely gave it several tries and I’m sad to say, other brands have given me a more impressive, detangling comb-through.

This stuff left me so disappointed that I’m not rushing to buy another Motions product any time soon. ** edited at 8:25 p.m. – I guess I shouldn’t be particularly surprised, seeing that Motions lists “having too curly hair” among their Common Problems That May Occur With Your Hair. What’s the solution? Motions Texturizer, of course!
I’ll stick to Suave, thank you very much. Any suggestions for a good, daily conditioner bellas?

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