Like many other beauty and fashion bloggers, I announced the Queen Latifah/CoverGirl casting call in New York this week.

Well, one of my readers came back and added a comment that revealed that things at the event were chaotic and upsetting.

I had to ask my friends at CoverGirl about this, and I got an official response.

Thank you to all the women who showed up and stood in line in the cold for the CoverGirl Queen Collection casting call to share their stories on what makes them a “queen.” I was completely overwhelmed by the response and apologize I didn’t get to meet everyone! We couldn’t have predicted the number of women who would participate or the weather, and we’re disappointed we were unable to hear more stories. We heard from almost 300 amazing, inspiring women from all walks of life — WNBA players, policewomen, cancer survivors, abuse victims, rappers, women from shelters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, etc. — and from all parts of the country beyond the tri-state area – Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, etc. We’re passionate about finding the perfect queen and honored so many women wanted to share their stories.

From, Queen Latifah and CoverGirl

So there you go. I’ve only been to two casting calls, but I saw for myself how ridiculously crazy they can be and that one sounds like it was a real doozy. The weather and the turnout made conditions less than ideal.

I’d love to hear from any of you who went, and I’m looking forward to seeing who got chosen, and discovering the Queen Collection, myself!

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