Much Too Much

So this has been a big weekend for hair in the news.

First Britney Spears’ public meltdown begins in earnest, then I see this picture of Kelis’ new cotton candy ‘do over at Concrete Loop.

Good grief.

That picture of Kelis makes me want to slather on a deep conditioning treatment, sit under my steam cap for twenty minutes, and tell my hair how much I love it.

Excuse me, y’all. I’m a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. Wow….just disturbing….

  2. I think Anna Nicole’s death pushed her over the edge. Similarities are scary–both young, 2 kids, bad relationships. She ain’t right. As for Kelis, she seems to be taking her inspiration from cartoon characters of late–first Pebbles Flintstone now My Little Pony.

  3. I too am verklempt.

    No words…

  4. for some reason i’m glad Brit did something interesting other than popping out a baby.

    Kelis…umm… her moment has passed.

  5. I kind of like Britney’s new look. I’m sure it must feel liberating. I don’t really watch TV or read tabloids, but I somehow still manage to hear about her. She must be a real trainwreck.

    I’ve had sporadic thoughts about shaving my head lately. Britney’s latest antics might inspire me to follow through with one of those thoughts : )

    Who’s Kelis?

  6. On a side note, I did actually click on your Britney link and read the article. I really sympathize for her. It has to be hard to be under such a spotlight. Going through a break up sucks too, especially if you’ve had a child together and to have it all be analyzed under a microscope. Then add the possible postpartum depression to all that. The sum can be overwhelming for anyone.

    Of course, there’s something to be said about personal responsibility. My advice to you Britney is to just take a break from the fame. Retire. Your health and family are more important.

  7. i actually think brit looks better without hair. u can see shes naturally not bad looking. whilst with hair i always thought she was overrated (in terms of looks).
    ive become sick of my hair too, took out the braids and am wearing my real hair. so i totally understand what brits doing.

  8. okay, so this time i can not muster up any gumption with which to defend my girl kelis. if you excuse me, i’ll be over here in a corner trying to figure out what went wrong. maybe the happiness of marriage has given her the false impression that she can do whatever she wants because her man loves her.

    moving on to britney, i never thought that too tight extensions would drive a caucasian to shave their head! i guess the sistas are a lil too vain for it to come to that…if yo extensions are too tight, spritz your scalp, take some asprin, and call it a day, by NO means should you shave your head.

    *sigh* i hope that this is the culmination of freaky week and not an omen for what’s to come next week!

  9. I totally feel for Brittany Spears. It’s like I’ve sat yelling at her through my tv for years now, because you can see where her life is going yet she seemed to just keep moving straight ahead into the area of destruction. But when the ultimate happens, and same thing goes for Anna Nicole. You’re left with nothing but a heavy heart for them.

    This latest situation concerning brit, I hope it’s postpartum as someone else stated rather than it being an issue of her life going in the direction of tragedy.

  10. Brit needs to take a vacation where no one care who she is; somepleace like Tibet. Kelis is trying way too hard.

  11. Natural Sista says:

    Wow, I can’t believe Kelis’s hair hasn’t falling out from constantly coloring her hair. She is blessed in that department. I had simple highlights in my hair and it was a wrap. Britney, I think she needs to back away from the spotlight, go away with her family, and stay away from the Paris and Lindsey crews.

  12. Black Honey says:

    Kelis’ hair is a HAM. I think Britney shaved her head because she got a wake-up call.

  13. I have nothing but sympathy for Britney and I don’t think a shaved head is a bad thing…I had one for years. Kelis on the other hand, bores me, her 15 minutes are definitely up.

  14. Kelis is my girl and all and she had rocked multi-colored hair before, but I am not feeling the cotton candy color. That being said, it’s her hair, not mine–she’s making way more $ than I do, so at the end of the day I can comment all I want and it will mean jack crap to her LOL

    Now on to the opposite side of the self-esteem spectrum, Britney, the girl needs help. My heart does go out to her because as a young girl, she was forced to live up to this manufactured image without knowing who she was really meant to be. Add the adoration, money, hangers-on, drugs, insincere friends, broken relationships, back-to-back kids, low self-esteem and maybe some kind of severe post-partum thing and you have a receipe for disaster.
    I agree with whoever said that she needs to let the kids stay with her folks for a minute, while she goes out of the country where she can have some peace and get the help she needs.

  15. I feel really bad for Britney but at the same time she’s young and going through a lot at once. I know my hair transition was sparked by going through changes in my life. I actually got the courage to do my big chop (after transitioning for a year) after breaking up with my boyfriend. Maybe shaving her head is her way of starting over.

  16. for Britney i have nothing but sympathy. for Kelis i want to know what brand of moisturizer she is using to keep her hair looking healthy through change after change.

  17. jerseybred says:

    I think Britney wants and needs a new start and this might be the 1st step in that direction. I wish I had the courage to shave my own head…one day…
    Kelis is tripping…..

  18. Britney cutting hair hopefully means she’s about to turn her life around for the better. Out with old in with the new. As for Kelis…I wanna slap her wrist!

  19. Britney needs therapy, actually she needs Jesus.
    Kelis no comment.

  20. Although I am no big religious person whatsoever but Brit needs JESUS!!!

    I think she will be one of those stars that hit her peak too early & crashes only to become a fu&^%@ up E True Hollywood story.


  21. BeaUTeefull says:


  22. Kelis should mos def stop the madness with all the coloring.

    Um…where can I buy a steam cap and what is the name of the beand you use? can you email me?

    I love you blog.

  23. Not too long ago a friend of mine wanted to change her hair. I said old is new, shorter assymetrical cuts were making a comeback. Kelis’s hair is really cute. I will not be making any more recommendations about this chick’s hair. That’s just what she looks like too, an Easter chicken.

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