Jennifer Holliday was pissed. So was Smokey Robinson. Mary Wilson was outraged, but unsurprised.

Diana Ross vaguely threatened litigation, but when Mr. Berry Gordy spoke his piece, the producers of Dreamgirls actually listened.

They’ve issued a public apology, that appeared in yesterday’s Variety.

Well, I hope that the apology makes Diana Ross as happy as she is in Rich from FourFour’s awesome clip collection of her from her recent Inside the Actor’s Studio appearance.

Oh, I hope she laughs and laughs.

There is so much hubbub about this movie, I’m finally going to have to actually sit and watch it.

But not until after this Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Jennifer Hudson will sing at the ceremony, and Jennifer Holliday will perform Live on E!’s Countdown to the Red Carpet. Hooray!

I’m already planning to set my Tivo, and I’m contemplating an informal Oscar party.

If you’re planning to do it up for the Oscars and you want to pay homage to this controversial and popular musical, check out Glamour Magazine’s insider tips from the Beyonce’s makeup artist, Francesca Tolot.

That eye-glitter from the disco scene is absolutely divalicious!

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