Jennifer Holliday was pissed. So was Smokey Robinson. Mary Wilson was outraged, but unsurprised.

Diana Ross vaguely threatened litigation, but when Mr. Berry Gordy spoke his piece, the producers of Dreamgirls actually listened.

They’ve issued a public apology, that appeared in yesterday’s Variety.

Well, I hope that the apology makes Diana Ross as happy as she is in Rich from FourFour’s awesome clip collection of her from her recent Inside the Actor’s Studio appearance.

Oh, I hope she laughs and laughs.

There is so much hubbub about this movie, I’m finally going to have to actually sit and watch it.

But not until after this Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Jennifer Hudson will sing at the ceremony, and Jennifer Holliday will perform Live on E!’s Countdown to the Red Carpet. Hooray!

I’m already planning to set my Tivo, and I’m contemplating an informal Oscar party.

If you’re planning to do it up for the Oscars and you want to pay homage to this controversial and popular musical, check out Glamour Magazine’s insider tips from the Beyonce’s makeup artist, Francesca Tolot.

That eye-glitter from the disco scene is absolutely divalicious!

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julia_claudine_deveraux says:
February 22, 2007, 10:19 am
Good Morning Bella! I too will be watching Jennifer Holliday's performance on E's red carpet! This is very exciting and a good look for her. As much as I love Jennifer Hudson, her version of the song did not move me as much as Jennifer Holliday's version. I too have not seen Dreamgirls , I had not wanted to but I may watch it just to see if J-Hud really deserves the trophy.
monielle says:
February 22, 2007, 10:37 am
Wow. I have yet to meet anyone who was confused about Dreamgirls being a work of fiction which makes me wonder, what's the real motivation behind making the producers apologize?
Nakia says:
February 22, 2007, 11:31 am
OK i wasn't sure where to put this, so i just picked the most recent and least used post. Question: What can i do about my toes. It started off as just the baby toe nails and now the two next to them are getting dark. They are not the cute pink and white colored toes they used to be. I don't know if it's my shoes or what but I need help. Big or small, relaxed or natural i've always had my feet to fall back on as my cute point and now they're fading away!! Save me bellas!! By the way i'm going back natrual. I did the big chop a month ago and i'm loving my TWA. I'm trying to grow it out but when i get to a point i start missing my curly pixie 'do and i cut it some more. Oh well. It's healthy and i love it and i L-O-V-E this site and all you beautiful women. I'm home! and so happy. Thank you all for being real, honest and inspirational. Ciao bellas! PS. website under construction. I want to be able to live up to your standards!
ShininSlvrStarr says:
February 22, 2007, 2:53 pm
I'm rooting for my girl J Hud to win. Seeing her perform and win (crossing fingers) is the only reason I'm watching the Oscars. Unfortunatley I'll miss Jennifer Holiday's performance (work), I'll have to see a clip elsewhere. She was spectacular in Dreamgirls. Afrobella, I know you'll love the movie when you see it. I did. I'm not sure why everyone is getting so upset about the movie. This movie to me in no way evokes thoughts of Mowtown. It's fiction. Makes you wonder if Berry Gordy, Diana, and others are all up in arms because it's touchng some kind of personal nerve in them. Me thinks they doth protest to much.
Coffy says:
February 22, 2007, 3:28 pm
there is so much a** to kiss in Hollywood, i'm surprised anything gets made.
Coffy says:
February 22, 2007, 3:34 pm
@ Nakia this may help,
Coffy says:
February 22, 2007, 4:18 pm
@ Nakia, not meaning to overload you but i found another snippet,
kinkygirl says:
February 22, 2007, 4:46 pm
cant wait for the oscars! im gonna stop relaxing my hair as well, i have some regrowth at the momen (about 1-2 inches) so im gonna grow my hair out a bit more and then chop off the ends. jhud to win!
pets says:
February 22, 2007, 8:20 pm
Your parents beat you to it!
kweenkong says:
February 23, 2007, 12:28 am
wow, that 'mea culpa' is astonishing. i still believe one of those Motown folks will attempt a law suit. ...but really, i want to say this: when i read the title of this post, i thought you were saying "the movie is pathetic." lol
AppleDiva says:
February 23, 2007, 4:48 am
Bella, I know you "hear" this all the time. You really have a great blog. Keep up the great work. Thank you for all that you do.
Janet says:
February 23, 2007, 5:29 am
Isn't Dreamgirls the movie based on Dreamgirls the stage musical, which is over twenty years old? Why is Dreamworks apologizing and why now?
Mahogany_Butterfly says:
February 23, 2007, 11:28 am
It really bothers me that they apologized people know that it's a work of fiction that may be based on a few things that possibly happened. I've been studying the Harlem Renaissance (literary movement) and this seems to go back to the never showing Black people in a negative light mindset that many had during that time period. It seems like Motown doesn't want anyone to know about any of the dirt that they did.
Nakia says:
February 23, 2007, 4:19 pm
Thanks for the advice. I guess i'll be giving up my too cute shoes until i get this mess cleared up. Glad it's almost sandal season so i can let these dogs out to get some air! And just to stay on focus. Where's the Black love!?!?! It's been a long time since a black film has received this much acolade. Black Hollywood (including Motown) really should be more supportive. There aren't very many successful businesses in America that HAVEN'T done a little dirt in the beginning so there shouldn't be any shame in Motown's game. I wish they hadn't apologized, but it might be the best thing to do in order to keep the negative press from bringing the hostility to the voting table for the Oscars.


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