Did you miss me yesterday? I had one of those insane-workload-followed-by-dentist’s-appointment days. In fact, I have another one of those lined up for today!

On days like that, I feel like I need to wear a good luck talisman of some sort. My mom gave me a jade bangle some years ago and I never take it off. But I’m fiending for something new these days.

In case I didn’t mention this before, I’m a fool for jewelry. (I’m just as big a fool for shoes, lipgloss, and eye shadow). I’m not so much a ring person — I wear two every day. One was a gift from my parents, and the other, my wedding ring, was designed by this amazing jeweler, and I’m all set. I don’t need to clutter up my hand with any more.

However, I definitely think a girl can’t have enough hair accessories, necklaces and earrings. So when Rickina, the brilliant creator of Spipo Designs e mailed to tell me about her jewelry, I got excited. Once again, here’s another beautiful woman of color doing her own thing.

“I’ve always been a hands on person and love working outside of the box, I learned the mechanical side of tools and fabrication from being an Aviation Electronics Technician in the US Navy for 4 years and working with the Navy for 5 years after that. It just kind of went together for me,” she explains.

From the Navy to the boutique. Go ‘head, Rickina! I can’t help but applaud that spirit of creative entrepreneurship. Plus, her designs are bangin’! (she’s also got a cool blog).

Her leather banglettes are adorable and won’t break the bank at $25. Rickina LOVES working with leather! “I’m especially obsessed with leather this season, and find that not many jewelers are working extensively with it, when it’s so wonderful and easy to work with and it adds true value to any piece,” she says.

As an afrobella who is just getting to the length where I can wear some dramatic and romantic updos, I’m seriously feeling the hair berries. They’re handcrafted copper and 14kt gold filled bobby pins decorated with freshwater pearls and semi precious stones. Regardless of hair type, these $20 ornaments will add some color and zing to your updo.

“My designs really just come from me, mainly they’re in my head, and they come alive with the materials that I find. Creativity is so open and wide for me, you can start with one idea, make a ‘mistake’ and then you’re off to something completely different and in most cases something more beautiful. I love that and with me jewelry has infinite possibilities and options, if you’re creative enough almost anything can be fashioned into a lovely piece of jewelry,” Rickina explained. Now she’s taking her designs to the next level, and being the over-the-top diva that I am, I fell in love. She’s got incredible earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I’m seriously considering a purchase — should I go for the La’Cane earrings or Vicky’s Charm?

How ’bout necklaces, do I spring for the Fancy Flash or the Tanaja? I can’t decide! (But I’m really feeling the Tanaja!)

I love handcrafted jewelry, and I love supporting do-it-yourself artisans. That’s why you’ll never find me buying into that “every kiss begins with Kay” or “a diamond is forever” nonsense. I see through your clever marketing scheme, De Beers!

I’d rather buy something chunky and funky from the jewelers at Etsy. If you don’t know about Etsy, let me edumacate you. You can get everything from paintings to handbags to teapots to awesome children’s clothing to furniture and collectible items on this gigantic website for all things handmade. Hey hey! Come shop! It’s just like a mini mall! (that is my favorite YouTube clip right now, sorry. I seriously can’t get the song out of my head).

I believe in the power of talismans, and I am pretty sure it’s an entirely psychological thing. But I’m especially attracted to jewelry that is somehow infused with meaning. So I love Tibetan and Balinese prayer box necklaces. I adore the idea of wearing a powerful secret.

Superhero Designs offers a new spin on talisman jewelry. The brilliant creator says that her necklaces and bracelets will protect you from harm, attract people to you, and create magic in your life. I’m sold!

Her necklaces come in all sorts of bright colors. I crave Champagne, and the colors would look amazing on my skin. But the piece that attracts me most is the clear crystal Angel. I had a necklace just like this as a child, and I need one in adult-size.

Of course, some might say I don’t need any more jewelry or shoes or lip gloss or eye shadow. But they’d be wrong!

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