What is it about lip gloss? I can’t get enough of the stuff. Recently, I was encouraged to take a picture of that lipgloss collection I take with me everywhere — the one I mentioned in my recent interview with YMIB.

And this is what weighs down my knockoff Prada purse every day. I actually also have ANOTHER little makeup bag that holds blotting sheets, emergency perfume, and a compact.
Lip gloss is one of my most major addictions. That’s why I like this new Lil Mama song.

Sure, it’s a silly little ditty. But it’s no sillier than “My Humps” (as Alanis Morrissette so gloriously pointed out), or “It’s Me, Snitches,” or “Rock Your Hips” or any of the other hip hop hits on the charts.

Also, I can identify with Lil Mama’s love of lip gloss ten times more than I can identify with “Upgrade You.”

If you’re a beauty junkie like I am, you get it.

My lipgloss bag holds everything from $5 Milani glossy tubes to a $25 Chanel glossimer. I’ve already done loving reviews of Milani and Iman and L’Oreal HIP. Now it’s time for me to tell you about my two new favorite lip addictions.

I can’t tell you how much I adore Juice Beauty’s Lip Plumper. I know what you’re thinking — but this isn’t a plumper in the traditional sense. I didn’t set out to get a lip plumper at all.

I bought this product in the Sephora in Times Square, which is a big, beautiful store that can overwhelm a product junkie upon first visit. I visited during some kind of big event, so there were product reps everywhere, none of whom were trying to help me. As we walked in, a woman was getting busted for shoplifting. The store had a frantic energy I wasn’t enjoying, having just come from a cozy Irish pub up the street where we enjoyed onion soup and Jack and cokes. Sephora was totally harshing my mellow. But I felt compelled to buy something, as I suppose a Catholic would feel at the Vatican gift shop.

It was super cold outside and my lips were dry and numb. I wanted something like a deep moisturizing cream for my lips. A Juice Beauty rep was the only person who offered to help me. I told her what I was looking for, and she insisted that I get the plumper. I wasn’t entirely sold on a $14 product that claimed to do something I didn’t need — I’m happy with my lip size, thanks. But I bought it anyway and I have absolutely no regrets!

It glides on like a dream, and instantly soothes my lips. I crave this product like no other clear lip balm — it’s super moisturizing, smells and tastes like sweet orange deliciousness, and over time, I’ve noticed that the AHA acids in this stuff have gently exfoliated the flakies from my lips. I will definitely repurchase again and again, and having read all of the glowing reviews on the Organic Beauty Expert, I’m dying to try more Juice Beauty stuff!

Another one of my favorite new addictions is Flirt! Cosmetics Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss. I’d been seeking a gloss that was the perfect hybrid for a while — sheer yet visible color, glossy but not sticky, and with a delightful scent and yummy but restrained flavor. Flirt is everything I dreamed it would be.

The best colors for me were Radical Raspberry and Cherries Jubilee, which was subtle and warm on my skin tone. Unlike Mighty Aphrodite, which was bright and too opaque for me. My alabaster blonde bombshell friend Andrea had the same reaction.

The bright pink one was great if you used a tiny bit only for a really lasting color-stain. It can’t be worn alone on most people because it is bright as the florescent shorts I used to wear in 3rd grade. A dab will do.”

And five lucky bellas will get to decide for themselves. It’s my second giveaway!

I have five Flirt Super Shiny Lipglosses — two in Mighty Aphrodite, one in Cherries Jubilee, and two in the champagne colored Nectar Fizz. If you want this lipgloss, leave a comment that starts with the sentence: “I wanna try this gloss!” Then tell me what your favorite gloss du jour is. On Monday I will put the names in a hat and select the winners.

IMPORTANT — if you want to be considered for the lipgloss, PLEASE use your real e mail address. Otherwise I can’t reach you.

Click here to check out Flirt Cosmetics’ other products. I must say, the Gold Star All-Over Shimmer Mousse designed by Serena Williams certainly sounds intriguing.

Happy Friday, bellas!

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