My Lip Gloss Is Poppin’

What is it about lip gloss? I can’t get enough of the stuff. Recently, I was encouraged to take a picture of that lipgloss collection I take with me everywhere — the one I mentioned in my recent interview with YMIB.

And this is what weighs down my knockoff Prada purse every day. I actually also have ANOTHER little makeup bag that holds blotting sheets, emergency perfume, and a compact.
Lip gloss is one of my most major addictions. That’s why I like this new Lil Mama song.

Sure, it’s a silly little ditty. But it’s no sillier than “My Humps” (as Alanis Morrissette so gloriously pointed out), or “It’s Me, Snitches,” or “Rock Your Hips” or any of the other hip hop hits on the charts.

Also, I can identify with Lil Mama’s love of lip gloss ten times more than I can identify with “Upgrade You.”

If you’re a beauty junkie like I am, you get it.

My lipgloss bag holds everything from $5 Milani glossy tubes to a $25 Chanel glossimer. I’ve already done loving reviews of Milani and Iman and L’Oreal HIP. Now it’s time for me to tell you about my two new favorite lip addictions.

I can’t tell you how much I adore Juice Beauty’s Lip Plumper. I know what you’re thinking — but this isn’t a plumper in the traditional sense. I didn’t set out to get a lip plumper at all.

I bought this product in the Sephora in Times Square, which is a big, beautiful store that can overwhelm a product junkie upon first visit. I visited during some kind of big event, so there were product reps everywhere, none of whom were trying to help me. As we walked in, a woman was getting busted for shoplifting. The store had a frantic energy I wasn’t enjoying, having just come from a cozy Irish pub up the street where we enjoyed onion soup and Jack and cokes. Sephora was totally harshing my mellow. But I felt compelled to buy something, as I suppose a Catholic would feel at the Vatican gift shop.

It was super cold outside and my lips were dry and numb. I wanted something like a deep moisturizing cream for my lips. A Juice Beauty rep was the only person who offered to help me. I told her what I was looking for, and she insisted that I get the plumper. I wasn’t entirely sold on a $14 product that claimed to do something I didn’t need — I’m happy with my lip size, thanks. But I bought it anyway and I have absolutely no regrets!

It glides on like a dream, and instantly soothes my lips. I crave this product like no other clear lip balm — it’s super moisturizing, smells and tastes like sweet orange deliciousness, and over time, I’ve noticed that the AHA acids in this stuff have gently exfoliated the flakies from my lips. I will definitely repurchase again and again, and having read all of the glowing reviews on the Organic Beauty Expert, I’m dying to try more Juice Beauty stuff!

Another one of my favorite new addictions is Flirt! Cosmetics Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss. I’d been seeking a gloss that was the perfect hybrid for a while — sheer yet visible color, glossy but not sticky, and with a delightful scent and yummy but restrained flavor. Flirt is everything I dreamed it would be.

The best colors for me were Radical Raspberry and Cherries Jubilee, which was subtle and warm on my skin tone. Unlike Mighty Aphrodite, which was bright and too opaque for me. My alabaster blonde bombshell friend Andrea had the same reaction.

The bright pink one was great if you used a tiny bit only for a really lasting color-stain. It can’t be worn alone on most people because it is bright as the florescent shorts I used to wear in 3rd grade. A dab will do.”

And five lucky bellas will get to decide for themselves. It’s my second giveaway!

I have five Flirt Super Shiny Lipglosses — two in Mighty Aphrodite, one in Cherries Jubilee, and two in the champagne colored Nectar Fizz. If you want this lipgloss, leave a comment that starts with the sentence: “I wanna try this gloss!” Then tell me what your favorite gloss du jour is. On Monday I will put the names in a hat and select the winners.

IMPORTANT – if you want to be considered for the lipgloss, PLEASE use your real e mail address. Otherwise I can’t reach you.

Click here to check out Flirt Cosmetics’ other products. I must say, the Gold Star All-Over Shimmer Mousse designed by Serena Williams certainly sounds intriguing.

Happy Friday, bellas!

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  1. I wanna try this gloss! Bella, I am obsessed with gloss. Currently, I use MAC’s Prrr Lipglass and it’s wonderful but I’m looking for a change! Can you help me out? Love the blog. :)

  2. I must try some! I’ve just recently become obsessed with lip gloss!

  3. “I wanna try this gloss!” Bella- I LOVE two lip glosses at the moment. The first is Maple Sugar by Cover Girl. The second is Tasty by Rimmel. They are cheap and I get compliments all the time

  4. “I wanna try this gloss!” my two fav’s at the moment are mac’s lychee luxe and e.l.f’s goddess

  5. I wanna try this gloss! My favorite lip glosses of the moment are Pomegranate Martini Cooling Lip Gloss by Bath and Body Works and Vita Gloss by Bonne Belle.

  6. Hi there!!!!

    I am new here on your blog..and found this blog very interesting…especially lip care…thanks for sharing…well I came across to your blog while i was reading make up girl blog…

    Health Watch Center.

  7. “I wanna try this gloss!” I am a LIP GLOSS fanatic! My absolute, never leave home without them are mark. Juice Gems in Pomegranate and my own CoCo Loco blend. YUMMMY!!

  8. Auragirl says:

    I wanna try this gloss!!!! Recently, I bought 2 of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses…while they smell great, I think they are too sticky! So for now, I’d have to say my favorite is a roll-on orange flavored gloss I got from a hair store! lol (THIS Bella is on a budget!)

    I love your blog!!!! Keep up the great work!

  9. I wanna try this gloss!!! I love Clinique’s Sunset Glosswear for Lips Shimmer. It is the perfect go to color in the summer with a bit of color, shine, and sparkle. That and bronzer and I am good to go!

  10. Riszpiisz says:

    I wanna try this gloss!! My favorite is C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine (No. 502 – clear) from Bath & Body Works. It’s minty fresh with perfect, long-lasting (non-sticky) shine. It even has a little tingle to it, kinda like when you eat a cough drop on a cold day and then go out side and take a deep breath…ok, so it’s not that intense, but you can definitely feel it! This one seems to always be on sale at B&BW in one of the bins there so that makes it’s it even better:-)

    BTW, I’ve been reading your musings for exactly one week and I AM HOOKED! Please don’t ever stop!

  11. I wanna try this gloss!

    Today’s gloss is NARS lip lacquer in Capucine, but my favorite is NARS lip lacquer in Butterfield 8 — the best nude lipstick or gloss I’ve ever tried.

  12. I wanna try this gloss! My favorite lip gloss is Lorac gloss stick in sheer berry. I stumbled across it in Sephora and despite the $15 price tag have become quite devoted to it. It’s in a little chapstick like tube, the color is great – noticable, but not too in-your-face,it’s not sticky/tacky at all and for a minimalist bella such as myself, simply perfect!

  13. Hi, I wanna try the lip gloss your oferring. My current staple is M.A.C. Lustre glass in Sinnamon, it looks good on my med/dark skin. I use it with there lip pencil named cork, and it makes a sexy nude lip/ I love it.

  14. I wanna try this gloss! My favorite gloss is Milani in the color “Babydoll”, which is a rich sparkly wine shade that instantly perks my face up. On days that I feel like “f*&# effort”, I try to make a bit of effort by pulling my hair back in a ponytail and wearing big earrings (like Sade circa 1985) an slicking on some clear Bonne Belle Liquid Lipsmacker in “Sugar Crystals”/ It doesn’t taste like much, the smell is like Cherry Kool-Aid or Pixie Sticks–love it!

  15. Michelle says:

    I wanna try this gloss!!! My fav gloss as of now is a pretty brown I got at Jack’s- 99cent store. I’m a sistah on a serious budget. I love glosses more than lipstick. I love, love, love to get a new gloss.

  16. I want to try this gloss! I currently use Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush. It’s ok, I think the old Sweet Talk formula was better though. I don’t know why they changed it. It doesn’t last as long on my lips as I would like.

  17. I wanna try this gloss! I have about as many glosses as you have. My faves so far are some cheap ones I picked up at a beauty supply store though. I’ve never spent more than $10 for a tube though so that may be why I haven’t found another favorite. The colors of this flirt line are so nice. Even if I don’t win this giveaway, I may still have to try it out. Thanks for all of your wonderful info!

  18. DeltaGirl6 says:

    I wanna try this gloss!!!! A girl can never have too many in your purse…I’m currently in love with Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine…loves the tingly feeling, but I doesn’t last long..this tube that I bouught Sunday will be gone soon

  19. I wanna try this gloss!!! Currently, I am using Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush gloss in Sugar High and Toasted Almond. It is wonderful, but it doesn’t last long (like the post says above) and it is very sticky–it constantly gets stuck to my hair!

  20. I wanna try this gloss! I actually have an obscene and questionable amount of lip balms (my fave is Oyin’s Honeystick) more so than lip gloss but my FAVE lip gloss of all times is an old (I know gross) Lancome clear gloss with an abundance of gold sparkles and subtle glitter. It’s so old the name has rubbed off and when I take it to Lancome counters they tell me it’s discontinued :(. But in my purse now I have an Iman lipgloss from Target, My Precious (the previously mentioned Lancome) from Nordstrom, and a new Lancome Glossimer in a sheer red with sparkles from Dillards.

    Thanks for always give “real woman” reviews and comments.


    ps: I wanna try this lipgloss ;).

  21. “I WANNA TRY THIS LIPGLOSS” I am a hardcore cosmetic connoisseur that is why I love this blog afrobella this place is addictive thank you for everything that you do…now for my favorite lip gloss without a doubt my go to is (drumroll) mac’s lychee luxe and chai (I do a combination with the mac nightmoth lipliner) all the boys would stop at my locker if I was still in highschool!! LOL thanks again afrobella you are really an extraordinary lady!! And on a side note isn’t it refreshing to see a girl hip hop artist taking it back to the simple things in adolescence not the raunch and overtly sexual things that young girls are exposed to today. I love that lil momma song because it reminds me of the MONIE LOVE and MC LYTE and JJ FAD DAYS and I CAN’T FORGET TO MENTION THE BEAUTIFUL AALIYAH (rip)!!! you know when a girl could have ALL her clothes on (even be tomboyish about her style) and still be cute because she doesn’t need anything but her bomb lipgloss and her confidence!!!

  22. I Wanna Try this gloss! My current gloss is Revlon’s Super lustrous gloss in Perfectly Plum. I switch between this and the classic, Mac Lip glass in Clear, which I consider a beauty staple.

    Thanks for considering me!


    PS. When you pick me, I would like to try the nectar Fizz!

  23. i want to try this lip gloss i currently use victoria secrets beatuy rush but find myself having to reapply it every five minutes

  24. I want to try this lip gloss! I think nectar fizz would look great on me. I usually make my own gloss mix with simple ingredients. First I create a homemade exfoliation. I apply that and get them smooth then apply my mix. I have tried Iman glosses in the past although and liked it. I want to try your offer because I would like to switch off from my homemade mix sometimes and it’s SPRING.Yeaa!
    Time to be fresh and new. Thanks Afrobella.

  25. Peppermint says:

    I wanna try this gloss! Right now I’m using Clinique which isn’t bad if layered over another lip color. But always interested in another gloss. :)

  26. I WANNA TRY THIS LIP GLOSS! I’ve used MAC clear lipglass (tube) for years or their wand gloss in Explicit. Just tried their wand lipglass in Chai ….too opaque. Out of desperation, I bought Wet n Wild’s gloss in Cotton Candy….smells a bit strange and a bit on the cheap side if you ask me… In the end, I always seem to go back to my trusty clear and rather sticky (but I love it!!) MAC lipglass and lipliner combo. Always interested in trying something new though…


  28. I wanna try this lip gloss.. i love lancome’s juicy tubes one of my favorite is Beach Plum.. its such a great color for my skin tone and doesn’t get all sticky. I Love this site, its a must read every day

  29. I wanna try this gloss! My favorite gloss is Juicy Tubes (I keep at least 4 on me at all times). I’m currently loving the Plum Freeze, and always looking for new things to try!

  30. davina e says:

    I wanna try this gloss!!!! My favorite glosses right now are Loreal’s HIP in Sweet 838 and from Bath and Body Works CO Bigelow Apothecaries Black Cherry Soda Mentha Lip Shine.

  31. I Want to try this gloss!
    I’ve always been more of a lipstick person, but recently, due to a friend repping it on her blog, I have become slightly addicted to REVLON’s Raisin Glaze lipgloss. It’s neutral and muted enough to wear to work on a demure makeup day, but it has gold flecks in it that make it go-out-to-the-club appropriate. And it’s $7, which frees up cash for $26 smashbox O-glow and $40 Bobbi Brown Stick foundation in Warm Almond 6.5 (sounds like a Windows Application, doesn’t it?)

    Have a great week!

  32. I love MAC’s lipglass’s Entice and Lust… Great for every complexion. Oh how love Alanis’ version of “Humps”. She is a genius. Bella, this blog is poppin’!!!

  33. “I wanna try this gloss!” Currently, my go-to-gloss is C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine No. 1137. It’s the perfect shade of flirty pink that works with my afrobella brown skin and natural lip color. Not too sticky and supremely minty… A close second is Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss in Raspberry, which is the best all natural gloss I’ve tried by far….

  34. Purple Rose says:

    “I wanna try this gloss!” My favorite lip gloss is Mary Kay lip gloss in passionflower. The color is subtle and it leaves my lips really shiny!

  35. Morenae says:

    “I wanna try this gloss!” Without a doubt, my gloss du jour is Lancome Juicy Tubes Pop (Small Version) in Toffee Pop. Anothe favorite is Black Opal’s Patent Lips Liquid Lipstick in Coppertone.

  36. arnisha says:

    I wanna try this gloss! Right now I am mixing 2 Loreal colour juices- Melon Punch ( deep orange) and Grape Soda (bubble gum pink color) It creates the perfect pinkish-orange color :o)

  37. byrdparker says:

    i love that video , it brings back hs memories .. very cute… i love lipstick though !

  38. Yep, I’m addicted to lip gloss. I always buy some when I see a cute bottle or color. I actually like the kinds at the beauty supply versus an expensive one at department stores.

    I think that Lip Gloss song is inappropiate for girls her age. She’s isn’t just talking about lip gloss, she’s saying how her lips with it on, attracts guys to her. I don’t know if it’s just me, but girls her age or little girls who would look up to her don’t need that message.

  39. I wanna try this gloss!

    Vaseline has to be one of the best lip glosses. It gives you that shine, plus it moisturizes.

    But when I want that sexy glow, I slide on some Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. Not to syrupy and lasts a long time.

  40. I would LOVE to try one of the glosses. I have a Clinique gloss that I lurve, but who doesn’t need change?

    Also, I’m going to go scour your archives now for a really good conditioner that works wonders on the tangles, lately my curls have been super knotty. Should one just pop into your mind, let me know.

  41. I want to try this lip gloss!!! My favorite is ultragold MAC lip lustre. No liner needed…perfect for summer, sheer and pretty.

  42. I wanna try this gloss! My favorite is C.G. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine, Black Cherry Soda. I love the shine and the flavor. I will definately try Juice Beauty’s Lip Plumper, it sounds like it’s right up my alley.

    By the way, the C.G. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine’s are on sale for $5 at Bath and Body Works right now, I plan on stocking up.

  43. I wanna try this lipgloss! I really need to try something new, sexy, and moisturizing. I currently use lipglass but it’s not long lasting, I tried nars but it dries up before I make it halfway to work, and the loreal HIP does not have enough shine.. help !!!

  44. “I wanna try this gloss!”
    I’m in Canada, is that alright? :-/
    My favourite gloss right now is the Body Shop’s liquid lip colour in pale pink. I’ve only just started using glosses but this one is a definite favourite – it’s got the perfect amount of sparkle for my taste, the shade gives me that wonderful, pink little pout, and it smells like a dream. A wonderful nectar-scented dream.

  45. I hesitated when it came to watching the video I was like oh this is going to be another, Let it rain and clear it out. I watched it them started browsing other sites the sure enough I was singing, my lip gloss is poppin my lip gloss is cool. Catchy song I must admit I like it. AfroBella I do have to be honest and say I am a carmex girl. No lip gloss for me.

  46. almostthere says:

    I wanna try this gloss! I JUST came from the store looking at lip glosses. I only bought 1 or 2…

  47. I wanna try this lip gloss! Especially in Nectar Fizz, it sounds like a beautiful color…what I’m using now is CO Bigelow mentha lip shine in Black Cherry Soda along with Cover Girl lip gloss in Copper Bliss. Enjoy the weekend!

  48. I wanna try this gloss!!!
    Right now, I’m using MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Soothing Beige and L’Oreal HIP in Honest. These are the only two glosses that aren’t too sticky or slick for me…makes the lips oh so kissable! To pop it off, I apply a little Benefit Gilded pencil. Perfect peach/gold shimmer to finish a sun-kissed look!

  49. OMG, why’d you have to start with a post about gloss. I’ve recently become a gloss addict, and this just took it up a notch! I would love to try the gloss. My favorites are L’OREAL HIP in Sweet and Merle Norman’s Luxiva Delites in Hot Cocoa.

  50. I wanna try this gloss!!

    I’m in dire need of gloss. My lips are cracked!!!I ususally buy Neutrogena.

  51. I wanna try this gloss!!! I’m a novice when it comes to cosmetics. I’m using Neutrogena Lip Nutrition and Softlips.

  52. Sudaara says:

    I wanna try the lipgloss!!! My favorite lipgloss ever is Nymphette by MAC Cosmetics and in second is the Victorias Secret line of lipglosses…I love the taste and smell.

  53. I wanna try this gloss!!! My favorite lipgloss is Creme Brulee by Bath and Body Works. I worked there for a while and had the fun of trying them all. Creme Brulee just happens to taste the best (and look amazing on).

    BTW, where did you get such a cute makeup bag?

  54. Bella,

    Congratulations on your YMIB interview…and I am sure you will be getting your beauty article soon in one of these magazines…LOVE your site..keep the vision and it has no choice but to come into manifestation.
    Ditto on the “gloss thing” except I’m sure you got me beat by a long shot. Unfortunately, every time I get hooked on a color, it becomes discontinued. Don’t u hate that? Any suggestions for nude colors for pretty brown-sugar types like me?

  55. cassandra m says:

    Love that picture of all of your lipgloss. First time I saw anyone carry that much gloss was back in the fall when I was on a day trip with a colleague. She had tons of them in her bag and the TSA guy told us they needed to be in one of those ridiculous baggies. I found her one (otherwise she would have had to throw it out), but that experience taught me to keep a bunch of extra ziplock bags in my computer case. It seems as though there are still too many of us who don’t know that this stuff needs to be handled like liquids, so I give out the bags to ladies about to lose their lip gloss at the TSA station. We spend too much on this stuff to have to throw it away.

    Anyway, I am getting acquaninted with lip gloss and currently really like Rimmel gloss in Sweetie (lovely for casual wear and even lovelier over lipstick), and Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Smoother in Glisten and Glaze (just a hint of color in a really moisturizing base). But I will certainly try some of the others you ladies have recommended too!

  56. I wanna try this gloss!

  57. As a daily reader of this blog, i have to give you ur props. Not a day goes by where i don’t click your blog in my favorites…it’s like a daily fix. I Need and would love to try this lip gloss. I have a crazy addiction to Lip gloss now that i want to glamour myself up more. My lip gloss right now is in between MAC lipgelee and Vicky’s Beauty Rush..which is a little sticky for i really need a new one..From one Bella to another…THANKS!

  58. Kymberli says:

    I want to try this lip gloss!!! I use MAC sinnamon. I like it because its has a bit of a metallic luster but still conservative enough for me. I never like to wear attention getting colors.

  59. I want to try this gloss!! I’m a poor college student, so my gloss collection is rather small, but it definitely has the potential to grow to obscene levels because I’m just plain obsessed, haha.

    I currently have 3 glosses that I carry everywhere I go and swear by. One is C.O. Bigelow mentha lip tint in a nice rosey shade (No. 1136)…the colour works nice when you want something subtle and the mintiness actually freshens your breath! The second is a Shisheido gloss in Suntan Glimmer: warm and shiny, but I’m running out. :( And of course, my absolute fave is L’Oreal colourjuice in Watermelon Crush, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I totally got it on a whim and thank the beauty gods every day because I truly lucked out :D

    Loves the gloss!

  60. “I wanna try this gloss!” My gloss du jour is L’oreal Colour Juice in Iced latte!

  61. LBellatrix says:

    It doesn’t look like any of the colors you’ve listed will work for me but oh, I am CONSTANTLY on the hunt for the right lip gloss. Now that I’m a poor student (soon to be a poor graduate) I’m restricted in where I can shop. Recently I got some clear Rimmel lip gloss to go over my lipsticks but I have to be careful not to use too much.

    I’m interested in seeing what your readers have to recommend.

  62. I wanna try this gloss! My favorite lip gloss is Love Nectar Lustershine by MAC Love this stuff. Gives a great nude lip with a hint of sparkle.
    I love this blog btw

  63. I want to try this gloss! I would have to say that my favorite lipgloss is MAC lipglass. Hands down great :)

  64. “i wanna try this lipgloss!” =)
    Currently, I use sinnamon lip lustre by MAC.. it’s an every day to night gloss that has a fab frost to it for all who wears it. It’s a touch less sticky that it’s cousin lipglass. I’d like to try the lipgloss. I’m new to flirt cosmetics.
    Bella that video is fly! makes me like the song more =)

  65. Hey afrobella,I love this lipgloss.I’m just trying make up and am taking my time…I love the Flirt Super Shiny Lipglosses in cherries jubilee.Sounds like what I have been looking for….

  66. Prissy Chrissy says:

    “I wanna try this gloss!” My current fave is CO Bigelow’s Cinnamint Menthol Lip Shine. It tingles a little but keeps my lips luscious and moisturized.

  67. I wanna try this gloss! My favorites are Tutti Dolci glosses I got from Bath and Body Works: The Fantasia di Cioccolata and the Sugar Wafer. Yummy!

  68. I wanna try this gloss! Right now I’m using Maybelline’s Shinylicious in cinnamon apple (its not sticky and it smells good)

  69. Lipgloss has been my thang! since middleschool.
    You gotta try Bath and Body Works glosses.
    my favorites are the Candy Apple and Caramel Latte.
    and I also love Maybelline’s Shinylicious in Banana Pudding.

  70. I wanna try this gloss! My favorite lip gloss will always be MAC Lipglass in Lust .

  71. “I wanna try this gloss!” I love love love Kiehl’s lip gloss in black raspberry, yum!

  72. I wanna try this gloss! I want to try Nector Fizz!

  73. I wanna try this gloss! Currently I love MAC Viva Glam IV

  74. berrybrowne says:

    bella – i share the addiction like everyone else, but what i really need is a beautiful purse-size bag to hold my glosses. the one in the picture is beautiful – where can i find one?

  75. “I wanna try this gloss!”
    Hi, My current lipgloss of choice is duwop’s lip venom. I can’t buy the gloss that you’ve got on in Canada and it looks amazing

  76. umich girl says:

    thanks Bella for the mixed girls sample, I recently received it and tried it out… I have hair that ranges from 3C-4b, on the area that is 3C is made my hair softer and my twist came out very nice, but it did nothing for the rest of my hair… I will wait again to ask for another sample so others can get a chance

  77. I wanna try this lip gloss!!! I am still looking for the perfect one

  78. I wanna try this lip gloss!!! I am a lipgloss fanatic!

  79. I confess I have a lipgloss monkey too!LOL
    But ladies help, I am looking for a pretty pink shade. Not too hot pink, not shimmery. A lot of the pink glosses I have bought don’t show up on me. I am brown skinned (about Whitney Houston’s coloring. I have full lips but don’t want to look like bubble gum exploded on my lips. Thanks for any suggestions! I will probably end up buying them all!!!:)

  80. I love MAC cosmetics. My favorite lipgloss right now is Oh Baby.

  81. the p-man says:

    I hope lil mama gets syphillis and drowns in a pool of her own discharge…please.

  82. Hi Afrobella,

    Love your Blog! I have a product that is going to change your concept of LIP GLOSS! I would love to send you a sample. Please email me your address. My product is called YOYO Lip Gloss a retractable lip gloss that sits at the hip for easy access. The product is geared toward a younger audience yet adults also love the product since it is made with a high quality formula I know you are going to absolutely LOVE! Thank you!


  83. i wanna try this gloss! right now im using a cheap $2 lip balm/gloss,the brand is atreva,but it mught be something else,iv had it for about 2 years,its the best,it stays on for HOURS!its da bomb for chapped lips,but im scrapping the inside,cus i need to buy some more!!!

  84. I love lipgloss right now using loreal lipgloss but lipgloss cost to much is there any cheap lipgloss with good quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  88. I’m new here and I’m really enjoying your blog. This lip gloss post was pretty interesting. I have a beauty blog as well so I know how much work it can be to come up with fresh content. Keep the stories coming!

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  100. I wanna win this gloss! Currently, I love Lorac gloss stick in sheer berry and Loreal’s Grape Soda!

  101. Privet naverno sait kupili vidno chto profi delal mne pondravilsya)))

  102. I wanna win this gloss!!! I generally only use MAC’s Dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick. I like it but it doesn’t have much color to it. I find it soooo difficult to find a gloss or lipstick, for that matter, that I think looks good on me.

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