Much thanks to all of you who shared your feedback about the true meaning of fatherhood. My dad gave all four sermons at All Saints’, the church I was baptized in and grew up going to. He sent me a complete copy of his speech, which I will post as a link as soon as I’ve figured out how. (if you would like to read it now, you can click here to download it).

From all accounts, his sermon was a huge success, and I wish I could have been there to see it. Here’s an excerpt from his sermon that I found especially telling:

How many women in the congregation believe, and have actually voiced the opinion that “all man bad”, or “the only good man is a dead one” or even “if I had known better I would have gotten a dog instead”. These statements are really self-fulfilling prophecies and the more you say them, the more you will believe them. If you condition children into believing them, then they will have very low expectations from men in general and their fathers in particular. For your information, therefore, I wish to state categorically that, not all men are bad. They may not be perfect but thank God we still have a few good men around who have been making a positive impact on the lives of their children.”

His sermon is eleven pages long, but a lot of it is done in point form, and my dad is quite the entertainer so I’m sure it was funny and went by quick. I also love how he ended the sermon, with a quote from one of you readers:

I have seen good children emerge from bad homes and bad children emerge from good homes. The point though, is that there are no substitutes for teaching children the right things. I will leave you now with one last comment from a reader, who wrote on my daughter’s web-site:

“my father was the most gentle and compassionate human being I have ever met. He was a constant source of light and encouragement in my life. He accepted me as I was and never tried to turn me into something I wasn’t. He made me feel like I was the most special person in the world. Because of him, I know how a man should treat a woman and that violence and verbal abuse are totally unacceptable.”

If only all our children could say that about us. Reach out to your children today, hug them and tell them how much you love and cherish them. God bless you all and my best wishes to all fathers today and always.

Awww. I love my daddy. He wants me to thank all of you on his behalf. So thank you, everyone!



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