Classic Aretha Franklin! She Makes Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

I’ve been on a hardcore Aretha Franklin kick all week long. I think it actually started on Sunday morning, when I caught the tail end of Ain’t No Way being piped through the speakers at my grocery store. I instantly forgot what kind of bread I needed and got caught up in the melody. Ain’t No Way is quite possibly my favorite Aretha song. No wait, it’s I Never Loved a Man. Or maybe it’s Dr. Feelgood. There’s so many songs to choose from!

I love older clips of Aretha Franklin because in her earlier days, she showcased her powerful voice to great advantage without getting into melisma overkill. I also love old Aretha Franklin clips, because her look has evolved so much. Back in the day, Aretha was working the TWA with style. And so did all her backup singers! This video of her singing Natural Woman really made me feel it. Had to share.

If you’re still yearning for more Aretha, you need to treat yourself to a copy of Aretha Live at Fillmore West. It’s hard to find a live album that is that perfect, that captures that kind of spirit. All you need to do is listen to the audio of Spirit in the Dark with Ray Charles to know that album’s a classic.

What’s your favorite Aretha Franklin song, bellas and fellas?

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  1. Good morning Bella,
    I love me some Aretha….she is one of my all-time favorites. She has so many songs that I’m crazy about, but I do go super-crazy for “Day Dreaming”. The women is a legend…thanks for the clip:) Do enjoy your day!

  2. Bella,
    I forgot about “Angel”…..

  3. Love REE REE.

    You need to youtube her when she sings Dr. Feelgood. Most people don’t know this but Ms. Franklin is an EXCELLENT piano player. Her sister also wrote a lot of her song and can sing her behind off herself. It’s all on youtube.

  4. I Say a Little Prayer is my all-time favorite Aretha song. Every time I hear it, the whole world stops. It is a simple little song, but I feel so emotional every time I hear it. I had the pleasure of seeing Aretha live 6 years ago at the Jazz Festival in Cincy. She was phenomenal! Seeing her move so effortlessly between singing, dancing and playing the piano so was inspiring.

  5. I love Aretha too! I can’t tell you my favorite song — I just can’t be tied down like that!

    I like, I mean hate, when I like grocery store music. Are we getting old gyul?

  6. Oops, sorry, I had the wrong link.

  7. Sisreese says:

    Hey Bella!!!

    Hey Monica!!! I laughed when I read your post girl! Ree Ree is one of my nicknames (I can’t believe I admitted that, but it was just a throwback to read that name, first thing in the am :)lol …and Star – I also love Day Dreaming and of course Natural Woman… and most ‘A Rose is Still a Rose’ a collabo ‘Ree Ree’ :) did a couple of years ago with Lauryn Hill and a few other divas…
    Have an Awesome Day ladies!!!

  8. Dr. Feelgood – “I don’t mind company, ’cause company’s alright with me every once in a while, but OH! when me and that man get to loving . . .”

    When she hits that OH I get shivers! I also love Oh Me Oh My.

  9. I luv Aretha, my fave song by her would be Ain’t no way. Today’s artist that reminds of Aretha is Angie Stone. Speaking of Angie she seems to be keeping her weight down and she has a new single out. Bella it would be nice if you show Angie some love on your blog. She has a new album coming out and she has a new single called Baby, see link below.

  10. Trinichica says:

    Good morning bella!!
    Nice tunes this morning, I love me some Aretha; I have her 30 greatest hits (double discs) at my desk as we speak!!! You’ve got to love “Ain’t no way”, “Chain of Fools” “Day Dreaming…..and I’m thinking of you”…I’m about to get my Aretha on in a sec…Have a smashing day!

  11. My Favorite Aunt ReRe song would be “Daydreaming”. But I love “angel”, “Chain of Fools, and don’t forget the 80’s hits like “Jump to It” and “who’s zoomin who”. And “I knew you were wainting for me” with George Micheal. Oh and one more “A Rose is still a Rose”!!

  12. coco_fiere says:

    “If you want my lovin’, if you really do, don’t be afraid baby just ask me, you know I’m gonna give it to you”…. Baby I Love You along with Rock Steady are my jams! But I go nuts over anything by Aretha and her “Son of a Preacher Man” makes all other versions unnecessary. Queen indeed!

  13. Rock Steady was the joint.

  14. afrobello says:

    Of course she is practically unparalleled as an artist. I just wish she’d take control of her health. It’s been hard to watch her in recent years, with the burden of that hindering weight she carries around.

  15. I was watching a few videos of Aretha from the 70s, when she was so so beautiful with her teeny-weeny and her larger blow-out afro, and thinking that I’d maybe drop you a line about featuring some of those clips. And then I bounce on over here, and you’re ahead of the game.

  16. Bella as always refreshing writing. Aretha is a Queen!
    Have you seen the styles that Afrobella Sabra from “So you think you can dance” has been rocked? She’s a talented dancer and I believe her hair is natural as well. Check out her style.

  17. Hey Bella,

    Love me some Aretha. I’ve been bumping “Young, Black, and Fabulous” for a month now. Her cut “Daydreaming” has to be my favorite Aretha song. It’s so breezy.

  18. I love “I Say A Little Prayer” too. Here’s a good clip from YouTube:

    One of my guilty pleasure songs is “Rock Steady.” That’s one to groove to on the elliptical machine!

  19. I meant to say “Young, Black and Gifted”, but it is fabulous.

  20. Shonquayshah says:

    hands down, #1 favorite:

    Good to me as I am to you

    from the “Lady Soul” album

    she is my all time favorite singer! these heffa’s out here now-days couldn’t begin to think about holding her bra strap!

  21. Wow. I never knew that there was a word to describe that style of singing so overused on American Idol. Melisma. Thanks! Now I don’t have to imitate it in order to convey my meaning. :)

    BTW, love your site. When I first started with natural hair there were hardly any worthwhile online resources. You rock my socks! (even though I’m not wearing socks right now)

  22. jerseybred says:

    Jimmy Lee

  23. I LOVE ARETHA…its funny because I was just listening to a cd i made of her before coming to work. Im just 23 but I love like these chicks love Keyshia Cole or somebody! My favorite song varies…sometimes its Giving him something he can feel, which is drastically more soulful than envogues redention (altho theirs was good) and Baby Ilove you makes me get up and jam! I never loved a man reminds me of my ex….Bridge over troubled water makes me sad but its sanged soooo beautifully…Chain of fools is so honest…Natural Woman is a beautiful song…Ohhhhh but Do right woman…love that…so I dont know, its too many…ooooh Daydreaming is sooo relaxing and easy to listen to…I really cant pin one song down, she is the Queen!

  24. “Don’t Play That Song For Me” is my favorite. However I really hooked her One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism album right now. Little known track that I love is “Without the One You Love,” from The Early Years.

  25. Sugasista says:

    Without a doubt. Spanish Harlem is my All time FAVORITE Aretha song. It really speaks to me.
    Thx for the clip. You didn’t lie when you said our hearts would break at the end lol.

  26. I’ll always love “soul serenade”

  27. ALoveSupreme says:

    My all-time favorite Aretha song has gott be “Ain’t No Way”…followed closely by “Good To Me As I Am To You”…the latter, IMO, being her best recorded vocal performance. I just love it. I need to pick up the ‘Live at Fillmore West’ disc. My favorite compliation of her’s would be ‘From the Delta to Detroit: Aretha Sings the Blues’. It’s choc-full-‘o gems. A must-have for true Re-Re fans.

  28. ALoveSupreme says:

    tan Says: June 28th, 2007 at 11:58 am
    I meant to say “Young, Black and Gifted”, but it is fabulous.


    LMAO. Indeed it is!

  29. ALoveSupreme says:

    I forgot to mention the ‘Sparkle’ Soundtrack and it’s title cut. They are among my faves too!

  30. SPA2TACU5 says:

    Aretha is amazing. She’s absolutely in my top 3 fave artists ever.
    My fave song being “Oh me oh my (i’m a fool for you baby)”. After listening to that song I still get goosebumps and feel the sheer power and soul she puts into it.

  31. SPA2TACU5 says:

    ^ listening to it for a 1.000.000 time

  32. I have to cosign on the Ree Ree love. It makes me sad to hear her now. With all the extra much she puts on her vocals. My favorite Ree Ree songs always change but right now it’s Ain’t No Way. When Cissy Houston hits that note in the back, man it’s like heaven!

  33. Key from the City says:

    I love Sista’s Are Doing It For Themselves. That song makes me feel so empowered

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