Guilty pleasure alert — I totally watched Charm School. I’m not even ashamed. I’ll say it loud — I’m an intelligent, progressive, professional black female who watched and enjoyed Charm School. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it’s another dumb reality show, but I did enjoy it. And I know that I’m not alone. Only God can judge me.

Of course, it’s reality television, so the show was trashy, totally over the top, and ridiculous. But nobody competed for the affections of a washed-up rapper, and shockingly, there were some good messages in there — Shay (Buckeey) learned to stand strong and weed out the bullies, Becky (Buckwild) learned to be true to herself, and Brooke (Pumpkin) learned not to be so slutacious. Without Charm School, we wouldn’t have that word. Thank you for your verbal creativity, Mo’Nique. And THANK YOU Rich for the recaps. I cannot WAIT to read his recaps of the upcoming Rock of Love. I swear, Rich’s recaps can make me laugh till I cry.
And speaking of crying, I know I’m not the only one who cried when Saaphyri won. And when she got her Uggs back. And when Mo’Nique hugged her. In her post-show interview, she reveals that she’s starting her own beauty brand, Lip Chap. I’d totally buy Saaphyri’s lip chap!

I won’t ever buy the Indian hair she’s planning to market, though. But I love that she’s planning to use her expertise to help others. In her interview, she says “I want to make full lace wigs for people with alopecia and cancer. I think that if your hair looks good, it’ll help you heal.” Very sweet, and a noble ambition. Of all of the way-too-many Flavor of Love girls, Saaphyri’s my favorite because she always kept it real, and learned from her mistakes. Hey, I learned from her mistakes right along with her. The most important lesson? Don’t take the bait.
Congrats, girl!

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