Errands to Run and Work to Do

It breaks my heart when I don’t have the time to do a real post in the morning before work, bellas. But I celebrated my Black Weblog victory too late last night, and this morning, duties call.

I will be back this evening with the longer stuff I’ve been working on. For now I just gotta say this — um, did y’all not notice I offered a moisturizer giveaway on Tuesday? I’m closing comments on that TONIGHT, so enter ASAP if you want a freebie!

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  1. Hey bella….I love moisterizer….and Ambi works for me…I’m in…


  2. Matter of fact…what do you need to enter this giveaway?

  3. Click on the original post, leave a comment telling me your favorite fun-in-the-sun beauty tip. That’s it, Melinda!

  4. HaitianRoots says:

    my fav fun-in-the-sun is shea butter, shea butter, and shea butter. melting it and adding it to either my moisturizer mix, lotion mix, or hair leave-in, lets me know that my skin/hair has protection and a sheen.

  5. Trinichica says:

    Aww man! I had my hopes up for another one of your inspiring posts…….ho-hum…until tomorrow.

  6. I love your blog I find it so inspirational! Have you ever thought about starting your own line of cosmetics dedicated to ethnic bellas?

  7. I use the ambi soap and love the way it smells. Nothing like beautiful skin.

  8. Just finished up my bottle of clinique moisterizing gel so i’d love to give Ambi a go.

  9. Oops! Forgot my tip- I use Jergens moisterizing lotion with self tanner on my bod in medium and dark to give my skin a JLO bling that I can’t get in the sun. It is also very moisterizing. With the white summer fashion it really gave my skin the golden look it needed to rock that look.

  10. My favorite fun in the sun remedy is this: washing my face ASAP to get the sweat and smog off of my face and rubbing in some cool aloe vera gel, which is good for blemishes and complexion evening as well.

  11. I can’t use this moisteriser because it gave me breakouts.

  12. My favorite fun-in-the-sun beauty tip is water (and a little bit of aloe vera) in a bottle that shoots a very fine mist. You can spray it right over your make up on hot days and it keeps U cool and your skin looks radient!!

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