I had such a great response to my last Eighties music post, I’m going to go back into the musical vaults more often. This week’s throwback jam is from 1990.

The early Nineties were such an embarrassing, funny, great period of fashion and music. Dudes in spandex biker shorts doing the Roger Rabbit. Chicks with bangs sprayed up four inches tall, wearing neon minidresses. I was ALL about it! I love the videos from the era – it’s just when mainstream rap started to get more raunchy (remember Candyman’s Knockin’ Boots?) but they weren’t yet really overtly filthy. It was around this time I actually needed a friend from school to tell me what O.P.P stood for. (And I was like, “ohhhhhhh…” So funny to think of that now).

So the song of the day goes with my post yesterday. No longer feeling “ugh,” today, I’m feeling Nicety. If you really want to know, just ask me.

Y’all remember Michel’le? The first time I heard her speaking voice, I was like – what the…? Is she for real? And yes, she was. And that squeaky voice made her unique and endearing to me. I loved Nicety, I LOVED No More Lies — aw, Dr. Dre looks so young and so not buff in that video — and Something in My Heart was the JAM. She was so perfect on the hook for We’re All In the Same Gang. I need an MP3 of that song, STAT. Anyone got a link for that?

So where’s Michel’le at now? She’s got an official MySpace with some newer material on there (and there’s a video for Hang Tyme on YouTube), but her website still says “coming soon.” No sign of a record deal or any new music dropping soon that I was able to find. Shame, too. I miss you, Michel’le!

Tell me your favorite jams from that early Nineties period – I’m gonna keep the throwbacks coming!

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