Throwback Thursday

I’m not one of those people who makes lists of their top ten favorite everything (big shout-out to the specific friend of mine who does that, LOL) — but if I had to make a top ten list of my all time favorite Nineties R&B hits, Davina’s So Good would be all up in there. It might even make the top five.

I just love her voice, her style, her delivery… so smooth and laid back and groovy. This song so perfectly captures what I miss most from that era. The lyrics are sweet, not raunchy. This was when female singers could come out fully clothed – in garb that isn’t necessarily “sexy,” and still work it and be funky and interesting. And talent was more of a pre-requisite than it seems to be these days.

Davina fell off my radar after her first album, Best of Both Worlds — one of the most underrated, slept on albums of the era. Seriously, if you’re looking for a jazzy, chill, cool album to ride to, that’s it right there. Davina left the scene for some time — according to this great interview on Honey Soul, she returned to her roots quite literally, by becoming a farmer. After some time spent tending her strawberries and collard greens, Davina was ready to sing for a bigger audience than just her roosters and guinea fowl.

She’s back with a new album, Return To Soul volume 1. If you want a taste of what she’s singing these days, check out her MySpace. I love what I’m hearing so far!

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  1. Girl, I LOVE Davina! She is one of the most slept on artists. I still play her CD every now and then. Her music and sound are timeless. It’s a travesty that she didn’t blow up, which makes no sense to me because I know so many people who loved that CD. I’m definitely glad to see her back on the scene and singing again. I need to treat myself to her new CD. Good looking out on featuring her as your throwback this week.

  2. I am so happy that you mentioned the artist Davina… I absolutely loved her voice when she first came out, and I loved the fact that she had the same name as me. Thank for letting us know that she has a new album. I will definitely be purchasing her cd in the new future.

  3. I still listen to this CD to this day! I always wondered what happened to her. Its good to know she’s still making music.

  4. Hmm…I don’t know why I don’t remember her. I thought I was a 90’s R&B guru, but I guess not! LOL At any rate, she sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Okay, sad to say that I don’t remember her or the song at all. But I like the vibe. and go figure’, she had Raekwon from Wutang in the video. thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh, how much I love these semi-regular throwback features. Always brings a smile to my face. I’d nearly forgotten about Davina. Man, I love the quality of her voice, and wish this sound would catch on again. Goapele and the like kinda work this sound, but I like the roughness to Davina’s vocals more. And how psyched am I that both Michel’le and Davina are still in the game. More please!

  7. Man, I forgot she even existed now I got to go find her.

  8. Oh, my! I thought I was the only one who still listened to this!!

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