How far back do you wanna go? I’ve been stuck in the early Nineties/late Eighties for a minute, so let me break out of that. I’m feeling particularly old school, and found this lush Philly Soul Sixties classic to share with you today. Barbara Mason, young and gamine. Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready.

Barbara Mason wrote this gem when she was just seventeen years old, and it was a huge hit in 1965. Her early songs reflected an innocent outlook on love, “I don’t even know how to hold your hand, just to make you understand.” Later on in her career, Barbara was singing a different kind of tune, talking about Shackin’ Up and From His Woman To You. And she was rocking a fly fro doing it, too!

Barbara was one of the originators of rapping on the track, talking out an intro to her song before letting that big, glorious voice free. She’s got an amazing range. Hope you love her sound as much as I do. Want to learn more about Barbara Mason? Check out her official website. She’s still out there doing her thing. Big respect to a Philly Soul legend!

Happy Thursday!

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