Without further ado- the Nail Aid contest winners are…





and Kisha.

Congrats! If you read this before you hear from me via e mail, drop me a line at bella@afrobella.com with your full name and mailing address, so we can try to get you your prize before Christmas. And don’t give up if you didn’t win this time, bellas — I’ve got at least two more giveaways in me before the holidays are over. So keep reading and keep entering. And notice – that Body Shop makeup giveaway is STILL OPEN! I’ll close the comments by Wednesday.

So now for that word to the wise I mentioned. Remember two weeks or so ago I discussed a nasty cold I’d come down with? I noticed that the horrible, hacking cough I had wasn’t going away. I was tackling it with over-the-counter meds, but there was no real progress. I was like, I can’t be THAT sick, I have too much work to do! My husband kept nagging me, “go to the doctor, go to the doctor,” but for a myriad of reasons, I didn’t manage to make an appointment (have you tried to make a doctor’s appointment in the height of holiday season? I swear, it’s damn near impossible).

It hit the fan at that wedding I attended on Friday night – in an effort to suppress a cough during the ceremony, I wound up erupting in a coughing fit that brought tears to my eyes and forced me to leave the room to pretty much hack my lungs out. I couldn’t deny it any longer – I needed medical attention. Well, turns out your girl has acute bronchitis. Ugh. I mentioned to the doctor that I am heading to Chicago at the end of this week, and he was aghast. “It’s good you caught this now before it develops into pneumonia,” he said. Yikes. I never made it to that holiday party I was so psyched about. =(
I’m now being treated with prescription meds, and actually on my way to recovery. So if you’re stubborn like me and tend to postpone doctor’s appointments, DON’T! Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I’ll be back later with a longer post, and like I said, keep your eyes peeled for giveaways this week! I might be a little down, but I’m far from out.

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