I got made fun of a little when I cheered for Saaphyri when she won Charm School. Yes, it was shameful reality television, but I really enjoyed Charm School (unlike the other Flavor of Love spinoffs). One of my resolutions is to cut back on reality TV this year. Except for Celeb Rehab and American Gladiators. I digress.

Anyways, Saaphyri vowed to start her own business with the $50,000 she won, and I’m so happy to report that she followed through on her dream. I learned this via the Celebreality blog, which is penned by the ever-brilliant Rich, BTW.

Behold, Saaphyri’s Lip Chap.

It comes in five flavors, including cookie dough and mojito (random, but interesting) and at $7 a pop, it might not be a bad deal just for the hilarious “girl, look what I got” factor.

What I like about Saaphyri is, she’s a hustler. She’s not looking to get back on TV every chance she gets to keep the funds flowing. She’s keeping herself busy by coming out with products! Besides Lip Chap, she’s selling all kinds of merchandise, from baby onesies to women’s thongs. And let’s not forget Saaphyri’s Ultimate Indian Hair. And looking at the prices — starting at $384 for the Straight Hair Closure — I sure hope it’s ultimate.

Speaking of celebrity hair products, the ever-fabulous Patti LaBelle has put her name on a brand of wigs. Get that paper, Miss Patti! Shoot, you can buy those Jessica Simpson extensions at Macy’s, why can’t Patti get some of that action? At least you KNOW Patti knows good hair days from bad.

Patti’s bad hair days = oh, any day in the Eighties. Miss LaBelle had the kind of divatastic fashion moments that define the excess of the era to a tee. For example, check out this sombrero-sized teased to the max style. Or, crazy rooster of the future, as she wore her hair for an absolutely riveting performance of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at the Apollo — fast-forward to 1:48 for Eighties hair madness at its best. If you’re a fan of Al Green, Mavis Staples, and Little Richard, you’ll love that whole video. Her big blowout in the Oh People video reminds me so much of my mom’s style in 1987. And lo, hair explosion, 1989.

Nowadays, Patti’s toned down the look. A LOT. The over-the-top days stayed in the Eighties, and judging from the photos I’ve seen, Patti LaBelle’s wigs will be classy and understated. Click here to check them out. Not a spiky updo in sight. But a girl can dream of some New Attitude-era hair, can’t she?

That would make you feel good from your head to your shoes!
If you were a celebrity, what product would you want to endorse? What celebrity-endorsed product would you buy?

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