Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and it’s such an over-the-top, retail-driven celebration. You either love it or you hate it. I personally enjoy it, but this year we were too busy to even celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Today is my V-Day, so I’d like to wish a happy belated day of love to everyone! If you’ve got a significant other in your life, he or she probably got you a lil somethin’ somethin’ on Thursday. Sometimes it’s a gift you like, sometimes it leaves you scratching your head in confusion. If you feel like you deserve a lovegift to yourself (in the middle of Fall In Love With Your Heart Month, no less), no worries. I got your back! I’ve been checking out some super sexy products that will make you purr with delight. Will this review end in a giveaway? Hmmm. Come along and we’ll see!

First stop, Lush Cosmetics. I am in LOVE with Lush! Their bath bombs are the bomb.

Their soaps are spectacular — I swear, Honey I Washed the Kids is one of the sweetest, most high quality handmade soaps I’ve ever tried. Quality is key for the makers of Lush. Their stuff is hand made, organic, and they never ever do animal testing. Some of their products are so fresh, there are expiration dates on them. They’ve got a fantastic bath items, the Ocean Salt body scrub is made with real ocean water, fresh lemons and limes, avocado and coconut butters, and violet leaf. It smells like a dream and makes my skin feel incredibly smooth. It’s definitely one of the finest body scrubs I’ve ever used. A 4.2 oz tub is $18.55.

Don’t even get me started on the shampoo!!! I really had low expectations, and I was so blown away, it’ll take a separate review. Seriously, it is rare to find a company where every single item seems to be exactly what you were looking for, and that’s been my experience with Lush so far. I even love the Lush website — customer reviews posted after every product, and of course you can order online, but if you live in a major city, there’s probably a store near you. I’d definitely go armed with a list — Lush is affordable, but it’d be really easy to overspend there. Too easy. But I’d be hard pressed to suggest another store where you could get yourself a cooler after V-Day present. Actually… hang on a second. There’s always The Body Shop, which you know I adore. (fun fact… In 1978, Lush sold their first product to the Body Shop! Then they went on to have stores of their own).

This year’s Body Shop Valentine’s Day scent is Japanese cherry blossom. I am SO planning to get myself that reed diffuser. Having a pet that jumps and climbs all over everything doesn’t make me feel safe with scented candles, oil burners, or incense in the house. Have any of you tried reed diffusers? Do they really make your house smell wonderful? Please let me know before I spend unwisely.

Next up, product reviews for the grown and sexy.

OK, we’re about to enter the adult part of the review. I’ve discovered a one-stop-online-shop for all things titillating and sexy. It’s called Booty Parlor, so you already know what you’re getting into there! They’ve got every kind of pleasurable product you can imagine.. Seriously, everything. For example — this ain’t lipstick, and this ain’t nail polish!

In addition to risque toys, Booty Parlor does beauty! And they do it quite well. If you’re feeling decadent and deserving, definitely check out the Sex Bombs. It’s a gift box of three items, packaged in cool spherical containers. The Don’t Stop Solid Perfume With Pheromones is a subtle scent, blending plums, raspberries, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood. It’s great to pop in your purse for a night on the town, and the scent is so warm and low key, you need to be in close quarters to really appreciate it. The Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer is a rosy gold body glitter powder that my friends with cleavage will love. It smells divine, and is sparkly enough for clubbing or Carnival. A little goes a long way. By FAR my favorite of the Sex Bombs is the Get Flushed Sexy Lip And Cheek Tint. That’s what I’m wearing in the photo I posted this week, as a cream blush. It’s a warm red sheer tint that you just glide on with your fingertip and rub in until it’s subtle enough (or noticeable enough). And it smells good. Color me impressed. Now explain why this product isn’t being sold individually? I’d definitely buy another Get Flushed, but I might not want to pay $45 for the whole booty box.

If you’re looking to add some yum to your love life, you will love Melt. Delicious chocolate fondue. Comes with a paint brush. Tastes awesome, and it isn’t sticky. So much fun. I’ll say no more. Tee hee.

Valentine’s Day is girlie, it’s sexy, it’s silly, it’s about being swept away by love. I bet Mariah Carey loves Valentine’s Day. She’s like the crown princess of over-the-top whimsy. Her new song “Touch My Body” was released last week — check out FourFour’s hilarious review. I don’t love the song yet, it’s kinda meh in my book. But hopefully it’ll grow on me like the hits from The Advetures of Mimi did. Shake It Off is my JAM! Whenever I listen to it, I feel a little of Mariah’s free and fabulous ‘tude wash over me.

Forgive the NYE intro on that — this was the only full-length live Shake it Off video I could find on YouTube.

So bellas, I’ve got a belated Valentine’s giveaway for you! The people shilling Mariah’s latest DVD, The Adventures Of Mimi, sent me FIVE brand spankin’ new copies. It’s a 2 DVD boxed set and comes packaged with a teeny M by Mariah Carey fragrance sample. Which you already know, I LOVE. Seriously, every time I wear it I get raves. If you’re a fool for Ms. Carey and you want this fabulous DVD, leave me a comment! Tell me what your favorite Mariah Carey song is, and why. I’ll close the comments by Wednesday and choose random winners after that!

Love, peace, and girly things to you all!

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