I’ve been wondering when the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was going to speak out against the endless looping of his most controversial sermon. Finally his time has come. I just caught the tail end of his question-and-answer session, which CNN described as “a little bit heated.”

An audience member asked him if he was unpatriotic. “I served six years in the military. Does that make me unpatriotic? How many years did Cheney serve?” he asked, before the audience erupted in hoots and hollers.

Obviously the comments of Reverend Wright are inflammatory, and obviously they are unacceptable. There’s no defending “blankety-blank America,” ever. Even moreso when those words are shouted from a pulpit.

However… I do think it’s interesting that there are no endless loops of any of McCain endorser John Hagee’s most frightening remarks. Or that this photo of Bill Clinton embracing Jeremiah Wright following the Lewinsky scandal wasn’t ever plastered all over the television ad nauseum. I also found this eyebrow-raising Fox News interview with Father Michael Pfleger — an eloquent, intelligent priest and friend of Reverend Wright — to be really, really interesting. Perhaps you will as well.

The video’s 10 minutes long, but worth watching, just so you can see the agenda of certain “reporters,” and how news is given a plot, depending on which channel you’re watching. It’s an eye-opener, no matter who you’re planning to vote for come November.
(Hat tip to Stereohyped for the video link. That interview lingered with me long afterward, and Father Pfleger walked away just as things threatened to get REALLY interesting).

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