I love getting comments from all you beautiful bellas out there, but there’s something that’s just so super exciting about getting a comment from someone you’ve actually written about!!

Case in point, the gorgeous and glowing Chrisette Michele, who dropped by this blog to leave a comment on the Makeup Inspiration post. And guess what? I guessed right on some of her makeup!

She says:

Hello my loves! It’s Chrisette Michele just writing you all to thank you again for your love and support. i actually did my own makeup and hair this day… i cant believe how right on you guys are because it is indeed nars orgasm on my cheeks but the darker blush color is MAC’s own Ambering Rose…I’d like to thank my wonderful makeup artist friend JJ for teaching me all the tricks i have under my sleeve. i also styled my own hair with an FHI flat iron and i got the edges with a wee chi iron u can purchase at ricky’s in nyc or order online. Mizani products are great on my hair for shining out the lil lovely kinks 🙂
i love you all afro bella’s.
cant wait to talk again.
miss michele

oh and ps!!!! keith campbell of brooklyn new york gave my my new cut. i hope you all like it! i sure do. he’s reasonably priced and has a great spirit.
okay toodles!

YAY!!!! It’s not the first time Chrisette’s stopped by to leave a comment, but I did really jump for joy when I read this last one. Thought I’d share it with all of you, along with one of my favorite Chrisette Michele songs, Be OK. I love this video because it shows the range of her bubbly, fun personality.

Thanks for stopping by, Chrisette! You’ve got fans over here!

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