Here’s why I make no sense, even to myself sometimes — I will drive past a whole street of gas stations, searching for that one that’s still charging $3.99 a gallon. But I think nothing of shelling out 5 bucks for my beloved Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino. How could a frosty beverage be so deliciously evil? Cool Matcha Japanese green tea blended with melon syrup, milk and ice. Mmmm. Would I like whipped cream? Yes, of course.

On a summer day, few drinks are more soothing. I’m not a coffee drinker, so tea’s my vice. And this minty green dessert masquerading as a healthy beverage is the kind of refreshment I crave more and more as summer blazes hotter.

Here’s the rub. Like everything else at Starbucks, this drink is expensive and laden with calories. Oh, did you think this green tea beverage offers the traditional health benefits of green tea? Only a little bit. The rest is drowned out with whipped cream and syrup, resulting in a concoction that’s laden with 510 calories in a grande size. FYI, 510 calories also makes up a Burger king Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich, or a Mickey D’s quarter pounder with cheese. That’s more calories than a Wendy’s Frosty. And they just opened up a fancy new Starbucks within walking distance of my office. Lord give me strength.

Some of Starbucks’ drinks really deserve to be on the list of America’s Unhealthiest Drinks alongside Vitamin Water, Jamba Juice, and those monster Arizona juice cans they sell for 99 cents.

In the vein of my DIY fast food resolution, in addition to making my own fast food, Jamba Juice and Vitamin Water, I decided that I’m gonna make my own Starbucks, too. Having read this simple and delicious recipe for matcha latte on Nyam, one of the loveliest food blogs I’ve ever had the pleasure to browse, I am inspired. Honey, vanilla soy milk, and that’s all it takes? I won’t be visiting Starbucks anytime soon!

Now off to Whole Foods to buy me some matcha powder (and here’s hoping that someday soon we get a Trader Joe’s in Miami). I might even splurge on some Torani sugar free syrup to up my Starbucks-at-home experience (not bad at $6.50 a bottle).

If you’re a venti latte addict looking to break your Starbucks complusion, check out the recipe swaps on Hungry Girl, and click here to learn more about what your favorite drink serves up in calories. Be informed! Shoot, if I’m gonna consume over 500 calories, at least let it be something that will fill me up and offer real nutritional value.

Do you have any healthy and affordable recipe swap ideas? I’m always looking to try something new!

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