Curl Cut, Motions, Moroccan Oil, and More

Being Afrobella means being on a constant mission to find the new, next, best hair products on the market so I can tell all of my bellas near and far what works and what doesn’t. I’ve tried some exciting stuff lately, so let me tell you alllll about what you should buy and what you should leave on the shelf — because if you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for the new, next, and best.

First stop, GBS in Fort Lauderdale. Yup, I got Larramy to help me answer that Ask Afrobella question, but I also got a curl cut! This little, very shaky video clip is of Larramy styling the hell out of my hair — apologies for the video quality. Notes on this video before you watch:

1. That isn’t a booger, it’s hair product on the mirror. But you can’t tell, because the video is blurry. That worked out in my favor.

2. GBS is a store at the front and salon in back — there are SO many great products in that store. It’s like Sally’s and Sephora had a baby.

3. Like I said in the video, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it because the quality is not the best… still trying to figure out this filming myself business. But more YouTube fun is in store for sure!

4. It ends with a shaky shot of my shoes, because when Larramy cuts and styles hair, it involves bending over, flipping to the side, and all sorts of mayhem and foolishness for him to get the look he envisions.

5. Larramy loves Madonna. Every time I’ve seen him, he’s got her on.

Without further ado, here’s 51 blurry seconds of me getting my hair did.

Even though the clip is super pixelated, you can still see that my hair has waaay more movement and joie de vivre than it typically does. Why is that? I’ll tell you — Larramy did an absolutely incredible deep conditioning pre-shampoo treatment on me, then stuck me under the dryer for a while to let it truly penetrate.

He used two products I hadn’t tried before — DevaCurl’s new deep conditioner, Heaven In Hair — smells so delicious, and is super hydrating. And he combined that with Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Pre-Shampoo Oil treatment. I had heard about this stuff over at 55 Secret Street, and Nichelle wasn’t lying — it is AMAZING. Big, big Phyto review coming soon — this bella is very impressed, but there’s more to break down than I have time for at the moment. Brief summary, Phyto rules.

After the pre-shampoo deep conditioner, he washed it and used the following styling products — Set It Free moisture lock frizz spray, Set Me Up pomade, and he finished with a dab of Moroccan Oil, which I spotted on the shelf and absolutely insisted on. I had heard that Jill Scott uses it for moisture, so you know I had to try it, and then I had to buy it! It smells like an incense-lovers dream — subtle but warm and smoky and sultry. And although it kind of feels like IC or any other silicone-laced hair shine product, it didn’t leave my hair greasy.

I left Larramy’s chair with the happiest of curls, and the style and softness lasted for a week, I swear. Here’s the fresh curl cut in my good ol’ backyard (the before photo is terrible, trust me). Oh! And I am rocking an oil black Star 50 Alaskan Trapper purse and proudly wearing a Madame CJ Walker teeshirt by Kindred Gear, purveyor of Afrocentric garb.

Click here to peep his Black History women’s shirts, which include wearable homages to Queen Nanny, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Shirley Chisholm (but the Madame CJ Walker one is my favorite)!

During my session with Larramy, he explained that the truly excellent hair care products simply aren’t in the drugstore. “Honey, you might as well wash your hair with Dawn,” he said about some of the products I admitted to using. Love ya, Larramy — but you’re Mr. DevaCurl. I gotta throw in my two cents here. Yes there are SO many great natural hair products on the market now — more and more by the day, and so many are sold online… but there are so many bellas who can’t afford a $30 bottle of hair serum, and don’t shop online. There are so many beautiful women who do their hair and makeup on a daily basis with products found at the drugstore on the corner. And more and more, big mainstream brands are recognizing that by producing stuff that gasp — actually works on a range of hair textures. So let me end this product review by telling you about Motions’ new line of products. Yup, Motions in the classic gold and purple container. You know you’ve used this stuff before!

I used to adore Motions leave in conditioner, but when I transitioned from relaxed to natural, I left that product behind. Now Motions is back with Marula Natural Therapy, three products made to moisturize and condition relaxed and natural-textured hair. Relaxed bellas might adore the Hair Strengthening Moisturizer, but to this afrobella, twern’t nothing but some Pink Oil in a different bottle (minus the pink coloring). It just sat on my hair and left me with whitish streaks, didn’t truly penetrate and nourish my curls at all. The Hair and Scalp oil spray was a’ight dog, as Randy Jackson would say. I like the scent, but the product didn’t really bowl me over like the Natural Therapy Hair Treatment Balm did. This balm is the bomb! I seriously didn’t expect to like this as much as I did.

The product is a clear, yellow-tinged jelly… somewhat reminiscent of Kinky Curly Curling Custard, or aloe gel. After slicking it on apres-shower, I noticed how sproingy my curls became. Most importantly, my hair not only FELT moist, it LOOKED moist. Not in a Soul Glo way, mind you. The hair treatment balm managed to give my hair internal moisture, and yes — it did leave my hair a bit greasy to the touch. But that’s a small price to pay for a drugstore product that made my hair look and feel as great as it did. Shiny, coily, pretty hair, and it costs less than $10? Get outta here! If you’ve got perpetually thirsty, thick naturally curly hair, and shallow pockets — I definitely think this is worth a try.

I’ve gotten overwhelmed with products to review and stuff to write, bellas. I’ll be back with a special Throwback Thursday this evening, and there’s more in store next week — for now I’m just super psyched to sleep in tomorrow!

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  1. Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Your hair looks amazing! You are defintely my “hair role model”. Enjoy the time off!

  3. TX Girl says:

    Bella,enjoy the R&R, great post. I am psyched to try Deva Curl and the Murala Hair Treatment Balm. I was told from American Beauty Tour Stylist Danny Smith, As you like it Agnes, Austin TX-Phytonectar Pre-poo oil Treatment is very excellant for us. I’ll look forward to what’s in store next week, Bella.
    Happy and Safe 4th Everyone.

  4. My hairdresser uses Moroccan Oil on my natural hair. I only go to get trims and I am her only customer of color. I had never seen the oil before but she finishes my hair with it. It makes my hair feel like a fluffy cloud. I don’t love it enough to buy it but I enjoy the treat.

  5. Mrs.Mckinzie says:

    Hey Bella,your hair looks great!I am going to try the Moroccan Oil.Did you know that Miss Jessie’s Girls have new products?If you try them please let me know if they are good.

  6. ur hair looks gorgeous! I luv the look! the shoes were cute too, even though i could only c them for a second!

  7. SoFrolushes says:

    I have been seeing the motions murala oil products around and never tried it. I might just give it a go. I am also tempted to try dark n lovely’s natural range but unsure which product is worth a try. One product range that does agree with my hair is Keracare by avlon. the hydrating shampoo and humecto conditioner are fab. also love their oil moisturiser as it is not heavy on my hair

    if only i knew of a product that would give my hair ooodles of moisture that allows me to slick it down and tie up in a pony. if only

  8. Happy 4th of July! a time for relaxing with hubby & friends into a 3 day weekend..enjoy *grin* & your hair looks grreat!

  9. Sabrina97 says:

    Hey Bella! I don’t know if you know it, but the video is not available….. I like this post. Happy fourth to all.

  10. Hey, the hairstyle looks fantastic! I have tried the motions leave in conditioner too when I could not find Pantene once and could not find the Pantene relaxed & natural oil cream moisturiser. On a student income (i.e no income) I’ll have to investigate your suggestions when I am back on a payroll, but as usual always something to learn when I stop by! Thanks.

  11. adrienne says:

    Hey Bella! Your hair is fantastic! Have a wonderful holiday. Also I wanted to ask if you or anyone on here has tried the Curlisto Products. I recently had my hair cut by a curly hair expert and I am just in love with it! At the recommendation of my stylist I have tried the Curlisto products and can honestly say that they are truly wonderful products that hydrate and define and make gorgeous ringlets.

    Have a safe and happy holiday Bellas!

  12. afrobello says:

    You are too cute!

  13. Sabrina97 says:

    Okay… it works now. Go figure…

  14. MeikMeik says:

    Your hair looks awesome. Have a fun and safe 4th.

  15. Enjoy the look weekend!

    Your hair looks fab!!

  16. ooops that should be “long” weekend.

  17. warruor11209 says:

    Ur hair looks great!enjoy the 4th

  18. warruor11209 says:

    Ur hair looks great!enjoy the 4th. Luv the t-shirt

  19. Shan Shan says:

    Well I am glad there is a bella out there who has a great experience at the salon. My salon experience last weekend was less than desirable. Do any other natural bellas find salon visits a tad bit discriminating? I just felt like a change from my natural curls and wanted it flat-ironed. I went to a black woman at a salon called Madison Avenue in my local mall. I was told the fee was $37. My bill came to $59! Why so much? Well I was charged an extra $10 for “extra thick hair”! I was also asked if I wanted a deep conditioner while getting my hair done, and of course I said yes (what bella doesn’t deep condition). Well, guess who got charged $13 for a tube of Paul Mitchell conditioner?! Not only was it not a new tube, because she had used it for my “deep conditioner” (which was only five minutes under dryer) but she used half the tube of it to “detangle” my hair. When I told my husband about the “extra thick hair” charge, he asked me “thick in comparison to what, caucasian hair!?” The stylist also remarked that my hair resembled “dominican hair” which was why I could “get-away” without a relaxer. This type of talk from a women of color. I get so tired of the discrimination, black hair shouldn’t be classified as “drama”, as a lot of beauty products advertise, it’s just hair. Whenever you see an article or product that portrays black hair as unmanageble, wild or even dry/frizzy, you have to ask yourself “in comparison to what type of hair?” It’s discrimination to charge extra money for the texture of someones hair, and more natural bella’s need to complain. It is amazing that after so many years, the european standard of beauty still exists. By the way this a salon that touts that they solely use paul mitchells products. We bellas need to unite and start making some noise about discriminative practices by salons. Thanks for listening.

  20. Your hair looks great! Also I saw the Natural Hair Treatment Balm today at the drug store and I almost purchased it since you said that it reminded you of Kinky Curly Custard but I have to say that the motions balm is nothing but some hair grease! the curling custard is a sticky aloe gel type not at all similar. I know you said you liked it a lot but the first three ingredients are mineral oil, petroleum and lanolin….no wonder you said it was greasy. Since I try to avoid those ingredients I decided not to purchase it. I know those ingredients will cause problems with long term use.

    on another note I will agree that DevaCurl Heaven in Hair is the bomb! I love this stuff. Now thanks to you and Larramy I will have to try and combine it with the Phytonectar and see how that works for me.

    and as far as his statement about excellent products not being found at the drugstore; I raelly believe that you have to know what you are buying because you can spend so much money on a high end prestige product from the salon, online or sephora and they can have the exact same main ingredients as a drugstore product. You will end up paying more for just fancy packaging.

  21. “Honey you might as well wash your hair with Dawn” is classic. Can I quote that?

  22. melissa says:

    Ilove GBS in North Miami Beach! And Deva and Phyto work well for me and my 3 year old daughter.

  23. Hi,

    I’m starting a feature on my blog, about all the products beauty blogger can’t live without. Your blog is great and I’d love for you to participate:)

    Just answer this question:

    You’re stranded on a desert island where all of your basic needs (food, water, shelter) are taken care of. You are allowed an unlimited supply of only 7 beauty products. What seven products would you choose?

    They can be products for hair, face or body. If you want to participate just email me your answers at hsg{at} and put “Island Beauty” in the subject line. I’m going to run my “Island Beauty” feature once a week and I’ll email you when you’re featured.


  24. The stylist did do a fabulous job. Love it. Thanks for the recommendations, once my shelf is cleared I will give them a try. Keep up the great work!

  25. I am so glad I “stumbled” upon you. My daughter has curly hair and relaxers have done nothing but damage her hair. I am in the process of growing the relaxer out of her hair and bringing back her natural curls. I will definitley be trying some of these products!

  26. Your hair is super cute!

  27. Kweenie says:

    I actually stopped by the salon and spoke to Larramy–he was really helpful. I bought the DevaCurl Low-Poo Shampoo and a DevaCurl conditioner to try. Looking forward to it.

  28. Too cute!! Larramy’s smile was adorable, and your hair looks amazing.

    Love the video, by the way. The Flipcam is a special little joy isn’t it?

  29. LTEEFAW says:

    Oh, Ms. Bella why do you insist on give my a reason to purchase yet another hair care product? Just like you I am always on the hunt for great products to indulge in.

    @ Mrs.Mckinzie, Miss Jessie’s has new products?!?! Oh, I can’t wait to try them.

  30. ladybugfromthechi says:

    Hi Bella! How have you been? I hope that all is well. I have a question and would like your opinion on a product if you familiar with it. Have you ever used Curl Junkie products? If so how do you feel about them? Any favorites? Thanks Bella!

  31. Ive been thinking about getting a “curl cut” myself. I usually get it cut while its straight, but I have been unhappy with the results for over one year. Booooo! I believe its time for a change.


  32. Great cut, bella. You’re such a cutie pie! :)

  33. Your hair looks great! I know u had a good time down there luv the t shirt think I’ll get one.

    Keep up the good work!



  34. OMG! I think I saw you there!
    This world is extremely small.

  35. melaniecheryl says:

    I have come up with a styling technique that I just had to share. I have natural hair that is just past shoulder length shrunken and APL stretched. I like to wear my hair in small twists but do not always appreciate them in their shrunken state. So after twisting my hair up (damp, using a little gel or styling lotion), and letting it airdry I wrap my twists around my head just like I used to wrap my relaxed hair, using salon clips to secure. I leave them wrapped while I do a few chores around the house and then unwrap. Voila!! Stretched kinky twists! Just remember to be gentle when wrapping and unwrapping and don’t wrap too tightly if you have a loose curl pattern or it will pull too much kink out of your twists. I hope this reaches a sister or two it will help.

  36. Hi, bella
    Please tell me what is Morrocan oil. Is it from a plant,seed nut? I couldn’t find the ingredients….I know its patent product but still….
    I think I want to try the motion therapy the Balm,Plus it has shea butter in it Im surprised that the moisturizer with the marula oil is not the most penetrating therapy. and under $10 is a good price. I never heard of Motions Marula oil natural therapy before your review thanks

  37. wait…. rewind…I saw online that motion’s natural therapy Balm was made with shea butter and marula oil yet someone posted that it had petroleum,mineral oil and lanolin as the first 3 ingredients…. can someone post the ingredients from the bottle…I don’t think it’s in my local store yet. Either way shea I’ll use to soften roots and petroleum etc I’ll use for hair tips. thanks

  38. @africanfruit is a great resource for seeing the ingredients of store bought products! The ingredients of the Motion’s Hair Treatment Balm here:

  39. I absolutely love the Motions Leave in Conditioner! I have gotten compliments on my hair and the bottle is big enough that it will last me at least six months, dont go without this and Nexxus Keraphix! Good for thick and long and thin hair especially in the winter.

  40. Rajingbutterfli says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I am currently in transition from relaxed to natural so I need as much input as I can get! Has anyone tried Ouidad? I used this when I was relaxed because I could still rock a wet and wavy while I was relaxed.

  41. We have pure argan oil, not the one mixed with silicones. Only a few drops are necessary for hair, skin, nails and eyelashes. If you are interested, we sell wholesale.


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  44. Laura Wolfhart says:

    I use moroccan oil on my clients too, it’s been a fantastic product and I’ve even had clients coming back just to ask what I used on their hair! (In a good way, of course) The brand I’m currently using is Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil, very recommended. :)

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  1. […] first mentioned Devacurl’s Heaven In Hair like, last summer, but I never completed my review. Heaven in Hair is a 20 minute “deep treatment moisture […]

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