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I try out so many beauty products in a given month, quite a few of them simply fall through the cracks. But when I fall in love, it’s a lasting attachment. These are some of my latest faves.

Without a doubt, Benefit has to be one of my favorite beauty brands these days. I use the Play Sticks concealer/foundation stick every day, and ever since I got a very special makeover at the newly opened Benefit Brow Bar, there’s a new tool in my everyday beauty arsenal — Benefit’s Gilded pencil. Quite simply, it RULES.

During my makeover, the artist, Ivette (ask for her at the Benefit Brow Bar at Dadeland Mall in Miami!) absolutely raved over this pencil and its illuminating properties for women of color.

“Honey, on your skin…” she kept saying as she applied it to my brow bones, the corners of my eyes, the bridge of my nose, and then finally using it to fill in my lips before she applied a generous coating of clear gloss. Deft blending left me with a subtle, luminous contouring effect. It was instantly noticeable and absolutely gorgeous. I had to have this magical pencil. $20? Totally worth it. I love this thing and I’ve used it every day since I bought it. The reviewers over at Makeup Talk agree. It is lovely and amazing.

In the same makeover, Ivette applied Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in Stiletto. I purchased it in Busy Signal, and I love it. It slicks on smooth, dries to a soft powder, and lasts for most of the day. I really dig it.

For those of you who asked, I’m wearing both the Gilded pencil and Stiletto eyeshadow in my Goddess Zuri photo, and let me tell you all about the gloss. It’s my new favorite.

TAI Lip Shine by Three Custom Color Specialists is the most gorgeous copper gloss EVER. I absolutely adore it. It was designed by famous afrobella hairstylist Diane Da Costa and Trae Bodge, Co-Founder of Three Custom Color Specialists. This gloss is gorgeous, and it costs $19.50. But hold on a sec — it isn’t on sale yet. It will debut on (or call toll-free at 888.262.7714) in November in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association. So I’ll do a reminder post in November, but mark your calendars if you want to support the ADA and have the hottest copper lippie on the market.

If you’re in a hurry and you need a fly new lipgloss now — run to your nearest drugstore, because that Cover Girl Wetslicks Amazemint gloss is exactly what they say — amazing! Oh wait — it isn’t a gloss, it’s a smile treatment. They say this because not only does it give your lips a gorgeous, sheer shine without that stickiness that I despise in so many other glosses, it’s also infused with Crest Peppermint Oil. So it makes your mouth taste yummy, your breath smell good, and your lips look beautiful. I have it in Slaphappy and Sillylily, but my eyes are on the blue-tinged Happy Hour and UnWined as my next purchases.

As soon as I try anything new that I love with my whole beauty junkie heart, I’ll share with ya. What are your new beauty finds?

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  1. curlygirlbeautiful says:

    Hi! Just wanted to know if u receive products 2 review from the company, or are u buying the products yourself? They are getting lots of free advertising.

    This summer I have been loving NARS lip gloss in Moon Fleet. I’m gonna change up the palette for fall. Less shimmer on the lips, something creamy,nude and sexy.

  2. Hey curlygirl, I purchased the two Benefit items after my makeover. I was sent the lipglosses — the Tai lipgloss isn’t on sale yet as I mentioned. Free advertising for a great gloss with a fundraising cause. And I just love the Amazemint, so I’m willing to shout about it.

  3. Does the golden glow stay on the face all day? and on the discussion board you referred to, people were saying its good for “summer looks”. What’s your take on this? Do you have any pictures of yourself with this makeover?
    Thank you for taking time to share all these tips. I really appreciate it.

  4. Here’s my makeover pic!

  5. Beautiful pic! I have to try those products by Benefit and I know the feeling of using lip glosses that cause sticky lips, its not a nice feeling at all. CoverGirl hasn’t been on my radar lately but I’ll give it a whirl! Thank you for the tips :o)

  6. Oh you look so perdy!! My fav makeup right now is (so cliche) but it’s MAC. I recently had a MAC makeover and fell in love w/ their products. Since then, I’ve gone and spent more than I probably should have on makeup.

  7. Mrs.Mckinzie says:

    The makeover is nice bella.I have never worn makeup ,but i’m so tempted to try it out.I might try it for my birthday.

  8. At the moment I am addicted to make-up tutorials on youtube especially those by scandelous beauty. It used to be a pain applying eyeshadow but now I have purchased set of 9 MAC brushes from ebay. The real deal too and have not looked back. My fave product at the moment is by a UK base cosmetic company which I am not sure if they reach usa but I know they are in other countries….Its there divine eyeshadow palettes. I have both original and storm. I love lipglosses. a brown pencil liner and lipgloss.
    oh yeah I just bought Sleek’s Inkpot gel eyeliner. £3.99..a fraction of the price of MAC.

    I had a Benefit makeover but I was not convinced. Although the ladies were in awe of skin they didnt woo me with their makeover. I only bought MoonBeam and only used it for one week. Maybe if I had a makeover by someone familiar with complexions other than european ones the results might be different. ya get me

  9. Sabrina97 says:

    I love the Covergirl Wetslick Amazemint gloss. I have been having a problem with the container, though. The gloss squirts out of the sides as I put the wand back in.

  10. coco_fiere says:

    My latest faves include L’Oreal’s Infallible Gloss in Truffle (it’s like a shimmery version of my natural lipcolor), Nivea’s A Kiss of Shine gloss/balm in Natural and Cherry, L’Oreal HIP cream eyeliner in all colors(they come with an angled brush to apply), L’Oreal HIP Jelly Balm in Savory, Luscious, Ripe and Succulent and Revlon’s Colorstay Mineral Blush in Honey (lasts all day). I like big ole lashes so I try everything. My latest finds are Max Factor’s Lash Perfection, Maybelline’s Lash Expansion Waterproof, Revlon’s Fabulash, L’Oreal’s Shocking Volume and Telescopic. Most of my go-to shadows are Prestige since you get a lot of pigment for about $4.

  11. mochachoc says:

    i love the makeover. Sorry Bella I hate the ads on your site. Is it only me? I just wanna enjoy your blog without too much intrusion.

  12. oh me oh my, the make-over looks gorgeous. But how cool is this, I was in search of a new lip gloss yesterday and I picked up the CG amazemint gloss and I love it. I have the Freedom of Peach…I’m goin to get a couple more today because I just LOVES IT>>>

  13. That gilded stick looks really neat.

  14. i used to own the gilded pencil and used it for everything too!!!

  15. I love Benefit cosmetics!!! They have this blush stuff (I think its called BeneTint), and I absolutely adore that stuff!

  16. First, Thanks for putting me on Bella, please keep it coming!!
    I went out and bought the Gilded Pen and the Cover Girl Lipgloass:
    Gilded Pen was soooo hot, totally gave me that shimmery effect I was looking for…definitely will be wearing this regularly on dinner dates
    Cover Girl Lipgloss was also a new addition to my makeup: so slippery and non-sticky, and just enough tint to make lips look healthy and pretty. Add the Gilded Pen as an outline and you’ve got yourself some georgeous lips!
    Loves it!

  17. I am a devoted MAC addict, with two extremely large and overflowing train cases. I must say I am loving the Spiced Chocolate quad from the Cult of Cherry collection. On the low end side I received a minerlized blush in rose from Max Factor that I am wearing pretty much daily.
    I may have to check out the gilded pen.


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