Unfortunately I missed Hillary’s speech last night — a dinner party took up the whole evening, and by the time I flipped on the tube it was already over. But from everything I’m reading, HRC is working hard to put the past behind her, and support the chosen Democratic candidate.

But for every one of her remaining supporters who plans to do what Hillary’s encouraging them to do — no way, no how, no McCain — there are those who apparently can’t get behind that sentiment. As revealed in this Washington Post article, there are holdouts who simply refuse to cast their vote for Obama, even though his policies are so similar to their would-be candidate.

The end of the article really got me in the gut: ““I hate Obama so much that I’m going to devote as much time to McCain as I did to Hillary,” said Adita Blanco, a Democrat from Edward, Okla., who has never voted for a Republican. “Obama has nothing. He has no experience. The Democratic Party doesn’t care about us. You couldn’t treat [Clinton] any worse.”

Perhaps the best example of the persistent divide in the Democratic Party came after Clinton’s speech Tuesday night. The lights went down in the Pepsi Center, and some influential Democrats left downtown for good. They planned to head for the airport and fly home, long before Obama accepts the nomination in a speech at Invesco Field on Thursday night.

Clinton will hold a private meeting with her top financial advisers Wednesday, and many donors plan to leave immediately afterward. Terence R. McAuliffe, Clinton’s campaign chairman and the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, also plans to leave before Obama’s speech. Many of the women from 18 Million Voices, Fiechter’s pro-Clinton group, booked tickets for Wednesday and Thursday because “we really are taking a position of being indifferent to Obama,” Fiechter said.”

To me, that indicates that Adita from Oklahoma and the others who feel like she does — would rather see victory go to someone who directly opposes many of their candidate’s policies, rather than someone who supports them.

Hillary’s whole speech is already online, so click here to watch if you haven’t seen it yet. I’ll be watching after my deadline today, and I’ll post my two cents in the comments later.

Did you watch Hillary’s speech last night, bellas and fellas? How did she do? And is there any hope for convincing those who were apparently unmoved by even their own candidate’s exhortations, or women like this, who are moved to tears at the prospect of voting for Barack?

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