What I love about Ododo Original’s beaded hair accessories, is their by bellas for bellas nature.

Yes, these duckbill hair clips will effortlessly slide into the slickest and straightest hair, but as a bella with thick, poofy, crazy kinks, I love finding a hair accessory that not only

a. is made to grip my hair without tangles or snarls and

b. is large enough to stand out in a head of curls, but not so large as to look costumey, but

c. is also modeled by someone who looks like me.

It’s a rare and remarkable thing.

These are bold pieces, meant to be worn by a woman with panache. If you think — or KNOW — that you can pull off a bold beaded flower and work the street like it’s your own personal catwalk, the designer of Ododo Originals has come up with a truly inventive giveaway for you bellas! Here tis:

“I would like to ask your readers, “What makes you an original?” They can reply any way they like: pictures, text, videos (linked of course) and I’ll sift through that for the winner.”

Cool concept, right? I love it. Enter by next Friday — October 17, and three lucky afrobellas will win the Morning, Sunshine clip, a bright, true yellow beaded flower that’ll turn heads for sure.

So tell us — what makes you an original?

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