Yikes. That was intense. And already the media is speaking its piece.

CNN has like 20 pundits on analyzing what just happened, and the Washington Post has already posted its fact check.

Polls in favor of Obama are off the charts both domestically and globally. And the election is 20 days away.

What did you think?
Did the candidates address the issues in a way that satisfied you?
Did Barack seal the deal?
Did McCain gain the momentum he needed?
Are Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber the same dude?

At this point, who do you think will be the next president of the United States?

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InstantVintage says:
October 15, 2008, 11:42 pm
This was probably McCain's best debate. Bob was a fantastic moderator and I am SO GLAD they got all that negative business out in the open. That said, I think Barack held his own and presented himself in a way that I think a president should - even keeled and both knowledgeable and responsive to the issues of the day.
Rose says:
October 15, 2008, 11:43 pm
I don't think Obama speaks truth. He talks the same talk and is a major deceiver. He is associated with Ayers. Sobeit that he was 8 when Ayers did the terrorist acts. Obama is NOT a dumb man; but, he has blinded the American people with his savvy way of talking. He avoids to tell the people that 40% of that 95% will not see taxes raised, don't even pay into the income tax. Instead, those 40% will get a check from the 'wealthy'. What a great welfare system Obama has here. Makes one think about not working and wait for the check to come in each month. Muslims around the world are all for Obama. Joe Six pack and Joe the Plumber are the same as every other Middle to low class American. Obama's way of doing things will finish America off. He will hand America over to the Islamic regime in a heart beat. McCain is the one who will REFORM America and give it back to the people. Wake up America before you see your self in the ruins of crumbling concrete.
bella says:
October 15, 2008, 11:48 pm
Wow. So much to address in one comment. I'm too tired, y'all. So I'll just say this: I'm glad that I grew up around Muslim people. From my experience, I know that they are not the evil, terrifying stereotypes that more sheltered people portray them to be. Rose, here's a video for you to watch and think about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QIGJTHdH50
LB says:
October 15, 2008, 11:53 pm
Senator Obama continues to look very Presidential. He mainly stayed focused on the issues that are most important to the middle class. I'm looking forward to getting my ballot in the mail this week so I can vote for Obama/Biden. Yep, to me Barack Obama sealed the deal. Senator McCain came out strong in the beginning, but I felt he was losing his bearing in the last half of the debate. He also me concerned about his health. I watched the debate on CNN, and I was asking my husband "Did he just sound like he's wheezing, or just has a bad case of indigestion"? Or maybe his nasty expressions came from his dislike of Senator Obama being ahead of him in the polls. His expressions were definitely of the GrumpyMcNasty variety. There may be little John McCain can do at this point. His plan for all the issues that matter the most to the middle class, independents, swing voters, etc just isn't working because he's spent so much time on the defense, and running negative ads that attacked Obama's character instead of focusing on the issues. I doubt if Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber are the same men. According to CNN, Joe the Plumber is an actual person. Maybe Joe the Plumber can get his 15 minutes of fame with a reality show. Joe Six Pack is some guy staring at Russia from his backyard, or maybe he'll show up once Moose hunting season begins. Obama/Biden 08 P.S. Congressman John Lewis is waiting for you to give him a call so he can remind you how negative words can spew hatred, violent acts, etc. Oh yeah, put Caribou Barbie on the the phone too because she needs a lesson in all forms of tolerance (race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.)
Alex Mohr says:
October 15, 2008, 11:56 pm
Listen, McCain looked pathetic. The man just has a weired aura. He doesn't have his facts straight. He doesn't even know that his running mates kid isn't autistic but has dows syndrome. How pathetic is that. What do think he is going to do to the country if he can't even remember facts of people closed to him.
stormie dyer says:
October 15, 2008, 11:57 pm
Did anyone notice that McCain seemed to be blinking in morse code? And then would write the answer down? Also, Did any one hear McCain say "lets not spread the wealth around"? The difference between McCain and Obama? Obama is a thinking man, McCain is a puppet politician.
April says:
October 16, 2008, 12:04 am
I am so glad that they addressed the ACORN issue. Up until tonight, I was very fearful that these recent developments would be the excuse that the Republicans needed to scream "miss-count, unethical practices" and whatever they could do to justify a lose or sway votes. I began to have flashbacks of when Gore ran for President, when McCain made yet another enuendo toward Obama's campaign involvment with the organization. Now that people who have watch have been educated, I hope that they will not be discouraged and still vote.
Ki says:
October 16, 2008, 12:08 am
I watched. I think McCain was better than his previous debates, but I doubt it would increase his lead over Obama who is consistently amazing. I'm clearly biased though so it may just be my Obama love altering my perception. So glad you pointed out that Islam does not equal evil. And to Rose, I don't think I trust your numbers. 40% seems really really high. Could you please post your source?
LisaAngelaPamelaRenee says:
October 16, 2008, 12:11 am
@ Rose. I wonder what you expect an 8 year old boy to do in that situation. Run from the room screaming TERRORIST! I guess. I also wonder how come none of the other people who sat on the board with Ayers are condemned as terrorists/radicals. I think that McCain was being very snippy and disrespectful with all of his smirking and facial expressions. He was making snide comments that were just juvenile and not really addressing anything. He says he repudiates attacks on Obama. Yeah right. He was delivering those same attacks, or at least fueling them, tonight with that Ayers and ACORN stuff. How Obama can be linked to any wrongdoing by ACORN is beyond me. If I were to donate $25 to Greenpeace when I was in college and they turned around and used that money to facilitate the drug trade years later, am I now a drug dealer? By McCain logic, yes I am. If Obama doesn't win, I'll have to sit down and think long and hard about who Americans really are. I don't know a single "Joe Sixpack" the way Palin talks about him.
LB says:
October 16, 2008, 12:16 am
Rose, Did you know that Timothy McVeigh was a home grown terrorist? He was born in NY, raised in a Catholic familiy, and served in the United States Army. Did you know that The Ku Klux Klan misinterprets many parts of the Bible to gain power and control. They've used it from day one to create a sense of entitlement for those who look like them, and to use fear, violence, and any other means to intimidate and get rid of those who don't look them. Any religion has the power to uplift or destroy. We can agree to disagree, but not because of a person's religious beliefs or lack there of. I also suggest that you go to factcheck.org to get nonpartisan information about all of the candidates.
Michael says:
October 16, 2008, 12:20 am
I agree with what most people have said here. I do think John McCain's strongest 20 minutes of any debate were the first 20 minutes of this debate. But then Barack took over. I love how he responds to the attacks. I know I would probably be more reactionary but he is just so cool about it. Personally, I have no problem if my taxes would go up, if the economy and inflation are put back in check. I do not know about you but I figure between the two stimulus checks and the savings on taxes in the last 8 years, I may have received $5,000. Yet I have spent an average of $1,000 more per year on car gas, more on food, more on heating my house and lost about $30,000 on investments and retirement. Like I say on my site I would love to tell our government, I will write you a check for $5,000 in my tax savings, if you write me a check for the $40,000 I am out over the last 8 years. Rose - you are entitled to your opinions but I hate to tell you, if I was not awake for the last 8 years watching this country fall apart in front of my eyes, I am definitely awake now and this country already is in the state of concrete crumbling all around me. Whether it is the economy, our respect around the world, our healthcare system, you name it and we are worse off than we were 8 years ago. I do not think John McCain is George Bush but he does not have the energy and charisma this country needs to come back from the depths President Bush has taken us to. However, those characteristics are Obama's strengths.
hiya says:
October 16, 2008, 12:23 am
let's not waste our breath addressing :rose: who obviously has her mind made up about muslims and any thing else ignorant she can think up in her small mind. i personally thought the debate was the worst of the three. although, mccain did a lot better than he normally does, i was very distracted by his talk on the ads and what i assumed was him pressing for an apology from obama. it was all a little weird to me. when they eventually did talk about the issues i was very pleased with the way obama spoke on the topics of healthcare, education and the economy. i'm still at a loss as to why the government is involved with small issues like gay marriage and abortion (let the rock throwing commence) but i personally think those issues are just that... PERSONAL! anywho... good night bellas! obama 08!
hiya says:
October 16, 2008, 12:30 am
btw :michael: "I will write you a check for $5,000 in my tax savings, if you write me a check for the $40,000 I am out over the last 8 years." great point. i'm adopting that one. ;)
heartsandflowers says:
October 16, 2008, 12:36 am
Obama held his own. He did put in a zinger when he segued from abortion to the Ledbetter Equal Pay Act. And McCain confused autism with down's syndrome. He's suffering from dementia. And he wasn't wheezing: he was seething! I swore I could see the steam coming from his ears. McCain had the perfect opportunity to tell us what his specific plans are for turning this country around and all he did was try to tear Obama down. I don't consider a spending freeze and an increase in the military budget something that would benefit me. I need a real career and cheaper housing. And my employer insurance cost me $10K so I really don't appreciate that tax credit - which by the way is only $2500 for Individuals. He never mentions that publicly, only mentions families. So my taxes would be raised $7500. And the public debt is not $10 Trillion it's actually 59.1 Trillion when you add up Medicare/Caid, Social Security and other programs. That's about $600K of debt on every person in this country to completely balance this budget. We're going to be in financial dire straits for quite some time. McCain is completely out of touch about this.
Bella Noire says:
October 16, 2008, 12:37 am
Oh Rose!(sigh) EVERYONE around the world would like to see Obama become president. Why? Because US policies and actions impact the rest of the world and most of us haven't liked what Bush does and says. We perceive that McCain will continue the Bush legacy.Secondly, there IS no single 'Islamic regime'. Different Muslim countries have different regimes. A lot of misperceptions about Muslims have been spread for political purposes. So Rose, it's not just Muslims who prefer Obama, but almost everyone in the rest of the world. By the way I'm not a Muslim and I hope Obama wins.
heartsandflowers says:
October 16, 2008, 12:38 am
I want to clarif that my taxable amount would go up by $7500 it wouldn't be $7500. On the other hand....it might end up being that much when it's all said and done.
naeemah says:
October 16, 2008, 1:59 am
Well, I watched the debates and here's moi opinion: McCain looked real idiotic. With all the twitching, blinking, and quivering that he did. I was greatly annoyed by the snide and rude remarks. He constantly kept cutting Obama off, and appeared really arrogant. Another thing, he just looked plain scared and intimidated the entire time. Obama is a really deep and intellectual man, he had his facts straight and faced McCain confidently. Ya'll gotta admit, the man is smooth!!:) McCain threw everything he could at Obama, yet that did not hinder Obama in the least. I'd say that Obama won his third Presidential debate. By the way, thank you for your prev. comment Bella. I am a young muslim woman and I personally appreciated it! P.S.-Did you guys remember when McCain referred to Sarah Palin as a "Bresh of Freath air"!!!!!!!! Omg, I fell out of my chair laughing!!:D
Bsquared86 says:
October 16, 2008, 2:33 am
Wow, Rose. The idead that people still think Obama is Muslim and still regard Muslims as some type of evil people! That's laughable, to say the least. Thanks for the chuckle. As for the debate, it was okay. I wish they could have spent the entire time actually talking about the issues and not falling off into those "Joe the Plumber" tangents. McCain kept repeating the same things over and over again and that forcd Obama to have to say the same things over and over again in response and defense. I like that they brought up all the mudslinging, but McCain hasn't convinced me that he finds what people yell out at his rallies to be inappropriate. I also enjoyed the discussion about their running mates being competent presidents if necessary. Obama showed that he had alot of respect for Biden and extensive knowledge of what he brings to the table, while McCain repeated the same bland things about Palin which have proved to be unconvincing. Anyway, I will still be voting for Obama on election day. The debate didn't really change anything for me.
Jen says:
October 16, 2008, 7:47 am
Rose, It's obvious your listening skills only reach out to the voices of old men who's minds are slipping. But there isn't enough time for small minded people like you. Did anyone else notice that during McCain's closing remarks his eyes were red-rimmed and watery as if he was ready to cry? Think he knew then and there he screwed up? He started out strong, but couldn't ruffle Obama's feathers. I'm proud of Obama and think he is a great man. He is the first Presidential Candidate to visit the always forgetten state of Hawaii on his Campagne Trail since the 60's. He actually grew up in Hawaii. So at 8 years old he was about as far removed from Bill Ayers actions as a child can get. Not to mention that every time Obama and Ayers were near each other it was in a public format. Strange that all the people who are taught by him in Chicago don't go straight to jail for spending a semester in his class. We need to get over this petty crap we all (incuding me) love to harp over. The facts are the most important thing. McCain could not control his emotions. Obama was cool as a cucumber and very eloquent. I have my doubts about both candidates, but I still think Obama is the best for the job. And if our nation's current crisis can't be fixed as many believe, screw it I'm moving to Norway before the ship sinks completely. I hope my long lost family there doesn't mind me crashing on their couch.
CodeSense says:
October 16, 2008, 9:05 am
I believe that McCain was trying to get under Obama's skin but what he forgot is that Obama lived with a man like McCain much of his formative years. McCain visually probably reminds Obama of his grandfather! McCain couldn't rile him because he knows how to deal with people like him. What McCain and many other Caucasian people are failing to realize and remember is that Obama has lived in both worlds, allowing him the luxury of understanding both worlds. This is something McCain will never be able to do. If the Republicans think we agree with Joe the Plumber they are wrong. Joe the Plumber will get taxed more because he makes more. We who make less than $250,000 have no sympathy for them. If you are losing your house you have no problem with the rich getting poorer. That's just the way it is. McCain will continue George Bush's policies. Because he doesn't know they are wrong. McCain may not be Bush, but he is closer to Bush than Obama will ever be.
b. says:
October 16, 2008, 9:21 am
I'd like to send Bob S. some flowers or something! He really did his job during the debate and must've learned from Tom Brokaw's last attempt b/c he was firm in leading the debate. And the questions he asked! Go, Bob! Kudos to him for asking the pertinent things and getting to the heart of the matter. Short answer: Obama nailed it. A candidate can only get so specific in a debate b/c there's a time limit. Obama held his own against all the eye rolling and such (isn't McCain old enough to know better than that?). I think he put on that theater partially b/c he thought his base would find it amusing. I would expect a novice to show his emotions in such a juvenile manner, but dag on he's been around...and around...and should channel his displeasure into formulating a better argument. The graphic Afrobella chose to compliment this entry says it all.
Hitobito says:
October 16, 2008, 9:57 am
Calm, cool, exceptionally articulate, thoughtful, compassionate, decisive and very smart=Barack Obama. Angry, annoying, forgetful, and an average thinker and communicator=John McCain. Presidential=Barack Obama!
Isabelle says:
October 16, 2008, 10:05 am
Two things about John McCain that sickens me about his whole campaign. First, I knew too many friends that were either MIA or MIA/POW's. One of which was my cousin. To use this as a stepping stone for an election angers me to no end. Those friends and family of mine who were in those circumstances never even used that fact on job apps. to gain employment. Here he is using it like it was a day at the fair. Shame on him. For those who were in those horrible situations, they don't broadcast it nor do they want to talk about it. Second, all children are precious, whether they have autism or not. I too have 3 friends that have children with autism and my neice teaches autistic children. To use Sarah Palins' child, again as a catalist to gain sympathy for an election makes me sick. All children deserve the right and dignity for higher health care and education. To single out children with a disability is the same a segregation. As far as vouchers go, I live in PA. We have vouchers too. Everyone I know that uses vouchers do not need them. They FAKE an application, and get vouchers because they could. The same thing happens with food stamps and welfare checks. They FAKE applications. How do I know this, they tell me. Have I reported this? I have written to congressmen so many times I've lost count. So in the end, the people who really need vouchers, foodstamps, welfare, etc., are left out in the cold because of dishonest people. No, vouchers won't work until someone stops all of it, and starts from zero weeding out the ones who don't need them and giving to those who do.
kaliber says:
October 16, 2008, 10:06 am
for those interested -- you can find a short interview that Diane Sawyer did with THE Joe the Plumber today on Good Morning America. I'm sure the segment is uploaded to video on the website. within it he says he is not even in the income bracket yet that would be getting the 'new' 3% tax raise... he's a working man who has bought the business and hope to take it there... it was interesting to hear his point of view of this whole 'joe the plumber' rhetoric. the best thing the man had to say was be educated, get ALL the facts about these two men and their platforms and dont just go by something you heard someone else say somewhere. which i think is the best advice of all. good that he made at least a little sense after all this. GMA counted-- they spoke his name TWENTY-THREE times! how many times did they say 'healthcare'? but dig this: for the record his name isn't even "Joe" it is "Sam" (Joe apparently, is his middle name)
Isabelle says:
October 16, 2008, 10:07 am
Oh yeah also, I'm a Republican, and you go Barack!
DblDee says:
October 16, 2008, 10:26 am
I watched it and felt like McCain performed like an elementary school kid: when they spoke about the comments the rally members were making about the Pres. Candidates. I agree with Obama's response that this is not what the American people want to hear. Because I know they could have left that part out. Stick To The Issues!!! And did you see the facials expressions McCain was making throughout the debate?? When the question was asked about do you think your running mate would make a good president and why? McCain's response about Palin was all FLUFF. He didn't even seem convinced about what he was saying. And I know that Obama had to give a politically correct answer as to his thoughts about if Palin would make a good president. But, OMG, I wish he would have just let it all -- H** NO! She, Would Be Terrible President!! -- But I understand he too has too must be careful of things he say because there are those who will take what he says and running the opposite direction with it. Hey, but I said to Michelle before falling asleep last night. :)
thatone'sfan says:
October 16, 2008, 10:59 am
1- Rose isn't black, or progressive, that's why she thinks what she thinks. 2- Obama "sealed the deal" when 80k people showed up to hear what he had to say at the convention.
Ladene says:
October 16, 2008, 11:15 am
SMH rose. OBAMA '08
Bronze Trinity says:
October 16, 2008, 1:04 pm
Obama is always cool and thats what a leader needs to be. That image of McCain you have posted is priceless! When they cut away to Obama I kept thinking, 'he's so cute, look at him smiling...awww".
Niki says:
October 16, 2008, 2:25 pm
If "Joe The Plumber" will be making over $250,000 a year next year, I am side-eying my college degree! LOL
Jen says:
October 16, 2008, 4:04 pm
Joe Wurzelbacher(aka. Joe the Plumber) is at least in the right job field even in these hard econimic times. Plumbers are always needed, so kudos there. But he forgets that when he's rich enough to get the 3% tax increase, he'll also be rich enough to hire some accountant who can show him all the exemptions that he 'qualifies' for. Then he'll be paying as much if not less than he used to. Raising taxes on the rich is not a penalty. They may contribute 40% of tax revenues, but that's also after they squeeze every penny they can out of their exemptions and out of us. The sad thing is, taxes need to be raised right now. Our national debt is sickening. There isn't any money for these bailouts. And who the hell thought to borrow from China? Don't they know the Chinese government would love to see us fall? They make it thier goal to be better than us every day just to show that a communist country can do better than America. They even had a goal a few years back to be the number 1 BEER producer in the world by 2008. To think that if Bush had just taken his time and gotten his facts straight about who really attacked us instead of the American need(at the time) for revenge on someone, anyone, then maybe Osama Bin Laden would have been caught by now and we could be focused on embracing other sustainable ways to keep our country with power and fuel. Bring our men and women home, And catch those actually reponsible for 911. Go Obama!
GloLady says:
October 16, 2008, 4:50 pm
Please check out Cynthia McKinney's campaigh at runcythiarun.org & you tube. An African American women's Presidential perspective. And she's naturally afro'd.
E-Fresh says:
October 16, 2008, 7:45 pm
I loved the debate format. The moderator was fantastic. I actually do not dislike McCain. But there are really clear differences in the candidates policies. For me, Iraq and Universal Healthcare are big issues. I agree with Barack on these. I hate to see the campaigns get personal with their attacks.
edessedesigns says:
October 17, 2008, 1:32 am
He did, until this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqis9mRcWl4 I don't understand the need for Obama to be like this. You know, although, I am not voting for Obama, I had the utmost respect for him for all that he has accomplished. Not so much anymore. What baffles my mind is that Obama is attacking a guy HE randomly engaged with. Joe's question was not "the problem" it was Obama's answer (Redistribution of wealth, which could have alienated a lot of people who don't agree with that concept. So, now Joe must endure people digging up every piece of dirt about him to discredit him. I'm not saying that Obama is responsible for this but in his speech above, surely condoned it. What I saw in that clip was Obama lashing out at a man who asked a him a question--respectfully, mind you. So now he attacks the guy who is a plumber? He says that "A plumber is the guy he is fighting for". Umm...the guy IS a plumber. And the crowd laughs when he talks about the "strange" idea that a plumber does not make anywhere near $250,000? My grandfather was a plumber. He put all 16 of his kids through college out of his own pocket. My next door neighbor is a plumber--he owns a plumbing company. He makes more than $250,000 a year. Here's a guy who wants to be a plumber, wants to buy his own business and grow his own business. Kind of like many of us want to do. Obama's comment was a slap in the face. I'm truly hurt, not angry, but just hurt and disappointed too.
edessedesigns says:
October 17, 2008, 1:43 am
and he asked him a question..you know you do that when you don't know the answer.. but you sure as hell don't expect what Joe the Plumber is getting as a result. It's Obama's tax plan so Obama should have given him specifics like: 1. Well, according to my tax plan, You will actually not be any additional taxes. 2. Well, according to my tax plan, you will be taxed, but slightly. Instead, Obama says something potentially polarizing (redistribution of wealth) and now goes out and attacks the guy who just wanted an answer. If anybody can justify this.....
edessedesigns says:
October 17, 2008, 1:52 am
Okay, I'm sorry for so many posts. I know that Obama is mocking McCain for calling him out on his redistribution of wealth but Obama just did not need to go there and chastise a regular citizen who just happened to ask a sound question. I'm actually disgusted by both sides using Joe the Plumber to gain votes. I'm so over both of these candidates. I'm over these elections.
bella says:
October 17, 2008, 8:12 am
edesse, I know you already had some sentiments that led you away from Obama, and I do agree with you that Obama responded with an answer that was potentially polarizing. I am glad the media is researching Joe the Plumber, because I honestly don't believe he was just "a regular citizen who happened to ask a sound question." John MCCain used Joe the Plumber as a tool to gain leverage in his speech, and as it turns out - Joe doesn't have a plumber's license. Joe has tax liens against him. Joe's name isn't even Joe, it's Samuel, and also, he's being asked to speak at McCain rallys. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/10/16/eveningnews/realitycheck/main4527129.shtml?source=mostpop_story And also, very tellingly, Joe the Plumber is apparently related to one Charles Keating: http://crooksandliars.com/david-neiwert/joe-plumber-more-joe-keating-family- I believe Joe the Plumber was a plant all along. And he was a plant that worked, because he was able to appeal to voters who were already on the fence about Obama to say see, he really isn't supporting people like us. Even though, Joe the Plumber himself had to admit that he would benefit more under Obama's tax plan.
Jen says:
October 17, 2008, 3:10 pm
edesse, I won't deny that Obama said those things at his latest rally and it is unfortunate. But I would urge you to stop watching fox news. A channel that has its head up the GOP's ass it can't see straight. Instead, forget all news channels since they are honestly biased one way or another. Try looking up articles written by the Associated Press. They are non-partisen and only report the facts. The reporters for AP don't write thier biases into thier work. If you want a true feel for both the candidates with out a news channel that breaths fire over a bad picture of Gov. Palin or that freaks because stupid ppl are yelling stupid hurtful things at McCain rallies, then read the Associated Press. Bella, I totally agree with you. The only thing is the whole Charles Keating thing is a different Charles Keating who is the same age but doesn't live in Ohio.
Jen says:
October 17, 2008, 3:11 pm
Bella, oops, I meant the Charles Keating thing is it's a different sam/joe Wurzelbacher(who knew there would be more than one of those huh?) who is the same age, but doesn't live in ohio.
October 23, 2008, 10:06 pm


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