When I originally scheduled this giveaway, it wasn’t with forethought of this historic occasion. But in light of the news that Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States, it seems like an even more appropriate celebration! This giveaway is especially for my transitioning bellas!

I recently did a post about a popular hair product recently, and the comments revealed a common natural hair complaint — not only is everything not for everybody, but quite a few of you feel left out of the product craze in the first place.

Bellas with 4b hair have very particular hair needs that are oft overlooked.

But before I delve deeper into this topic, I’ll reveal my ignorance first — I had no idea about hair texture or types or the various numbers and letters designated to them, back when I decided to quit the creamy crack cold turkey.

Discovering and diagnosing my own hair type — which I would say is 4A with a touch of 3C at the very back and 4B on the top — has been an important chapter in my natural hair journey. Click here to figure out your hair type, in case you’re unfamiliar with such terms. And please note — alphanumeric hair types aren’t universally embraced or appreciated, most certainly not with my sisters at Nappturality.com.

My point is, forget hair types if you’re just starting out with natural hair. From my experience, I learned that you never truly know what kind of hair type you’re going to have until you take the plunge and transition. And no matter what it is, if you’re committed to being a truly natural afrobella, you’re going to learn to love it. Part of learning to love your natural texture, is learning to work with it. And part of that, comes from finding the perfect products to give your hair the moisture, nutrients, and love it needs.

If you have thick, kinky, wooly, z-shaped curl, needs-alotta-moisturizer hair, there are a number of products that are recommended for you. The Sistas at Sistas Place have some great suggestions, and I’ll expand on those in a special post for you all soon. Promise. For now, I’ve got another product recommendation for my transitioning bellas, from one of my favorite natural hair product companies out there.

Curls styling products — Milkshake, Souffle, and Whipped Cream — are deeply moisturizing styling products.

Curls Milkshake (described as Ashanti’s favorite), is a nurturing moisturizer, formulated with pure coconut milk and certified organic aloe leaf juice.
The Souffle is my new favorite — it makes my curls pop, and leaves my hair soft and totally not sticky or greasy to the touch. And Whipped Cream is made especially for 3C to 4B textures, and promises to give definition, frizz protection, moisture, and sheen.

Here’s a demonstration video especially for bellas with kinkier hair types, who want to see how these products might work for your hair type.

In that video, the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream and Curls Milkshake are used to detangle, moisturize and style her hair. And wouldn’t you know — those items are also included in the Transitioning Diva Kit!

This package of products is very popular — it includes the aforementioned Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner (which is great for deep conditioning steam cap treatments), Quenched Curls Moisturizer, and Curls Milkshake — all for $55.

And five lucky transitioning Afrobella readers will get to try out this curlicious goodness themselves!

All you have to do is answer the question: Why are you a transitioning diva?

I will close this contest on Monday, November 10. (FYI, I’m scheduled to be on NPR’s News and Notes that day as well!). Then I’ll choose 5 winners from the best answers.

So tell me, bellas — Why are you a transitioning diva?

** totally random PS — if anyone knows who the model is in the photo at the top, please let me know. I did a search for 4B hair a while ago and she came up, but I can’t find the original image source anymore!

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