My mineral makeup experiences have been hit or miss. Initially I was a believer in Philosophy’s The Supernatural, but then I realized how deathly ashy I looked in some of my photographs and it occurred to me, maybe it’s my makeup’s fault!

An interview I had with renowned makeup artist James Vincent confirmed my suspicions: some mineral makeup doesn’t photograph well. And you just might leave your house thinking you look perfect, only to see a snapshot of yourself later that leaves you reeling.

But here’s the thing – I still love mineral makeup. Living in a constantly hot and humid climate here in Miami, I’ve had to learn the hard way which kind of foundation works, and which doesn’t. I recently found myself sans car air conditioning for what turned out to be almost two weeks in and out of the garage at my local Firestone.

Let me tell ya — having no AC in Miami in late summer is an instant lesson in makeup endurance. My beloved Benefit Play Sticks left my face looking like a melting chocolate ice cream cone by the time I got to work. It was not cutting it.

I needed to find a powder foundation that could stand up to the sweltering heat I had to deal with, and it became immediately apparent that mineral powder was the way to go. But which brand to buy? The Mineral Makeup Blog gave me great guidance and some leads on stuff I want to buy and try. well hello there, Prescriptives!

I had already heard great things about Pur Minerals, so I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to try their mineral makeup starter kit. At $35, it is more affordable than some of the super popular brands, and Allure Magazine gave it an editors choice award. The starter kit comes with travel sizes of their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, Mineral Glow, Universal Marble Powder in Pink, and the Chisel Makeup Brush.

These travel sizes are super generous — another beautiful thing about mineral makeup, it doesn’t run out quickly. And it’s difficult to really overdo it, or wind up wasting makeup. With minerals, in good light it’s pretty obvious when you need to dust some of the excess powder off.

I really like Pur’s foundation — the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation Split Pan is a solid investment for bellas like me at $25.50 — I blend tan and dark together for my perfect shade. And the Mineral Glow really makes my face look naturally flawless after using it. These products worked great to cover up my blemishes, and most impressive of all, lasted through my workday commute!

Having said that, I prefer my own brush — Valana’s faux brushes are way softer. And unfortunately, pink was not a universal color for me — this blush turned out a little washed out and ashy on my cheeks (I might be more of a Diamond Rose kind of gal).

I wish Pur came in deeper shades for women of color in the split pan foundation packaging — I am guessing that someday they will. But fret not, dark skinned lovelies — Pur’s individual shades of pressed mineral foundations comes in a decent range of shades from porcelain to deepest, and if you need light makeup to stay put and conceal all day, you might want to give them a try!

My bellas on a budget might be raising a questioning eyebrow at the $25 price tag here — so if your economic situation allows more for drugstore than Sephora shopping, let me tell you about the hot new thing from Cover Girl’s Queen Collection — Natural Hue Minerals pressed powder!

You might have realized I kind of stan for the Queen Collection — there are some items I love, love, love and some I’ve kind of drifted into dislike for — the eyeshadow quads being the best example. The pigments just don’t pop on my skin tone.

But the powders and foundations work well for me. They’re oil free (which is muy importante for a shiny bella like myself), hypo-allergenic, super blendable, and come in a range of shades from Rich Sand to True Ebony. If you have especially dark blemishes, you might still need a dab of compact foundation for complete coverage — but for shine control and even toned coverage, this is good stuff! $6.99 for your bottom line!

Have you had any adventures in mineral makeup? What’s your favorite brand so far?

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