The Winners of the Cantu and Charity Giveaway are…

I hosted some truly remarkable giveaways this year, but the Cantu giveaway might be the best one yet.

Your answers were so inspiring and heartwarming — from those of you who work for or have started your own charity orgnizations to those of you who donate clothes, food, and time to those in your community, I gotta say thank you to all of you for making a difference in your own special way.

One of you bellas called it — this was a hard one to judge. But here are my 5 picks:





and Bridgette

Congratulations, bellas! E mail me ASAP at I’ll write you myself, but either way, I need to get your real names and addresses ASAP so we can get your fabulous hair care packages out before December 25!

Thank you all so much for sharing your charitable acts. You introduced me and other Afrobella readers to some great charity groups. Your stories inspired others, and if you believe in karma like I do, you know your kind acts won’t go unrewarded. Happy Holidays, everybody!!

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  1. This warmed my heart.. Thank you bella.. I’ve sent you an email!!!

  2. I’ve been hearing so much about this brand. Can’t wait to try it! My hair is all of a sudden so very damaged, and this natural product might do the trick.

  3. i’ve always wanted to try cantu though but e dont have that where i live.

    hmm act of charity ..this past christmas i wasnt very charitable except that i asked my boyfriend to donate to an online charity. lol but in this case i guess he was charitable not me..but i could not donate myself as i done have a bank card or so that can be used online :P

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