Bellas, I’ve been getting e mails from the winners of the Cantu giveaway and I finally got word… that the packages haven’t been mailed out yet. I know! I was disappointed too. But the holiday crush proved to be a bit much for my friends at Cantu. And truth be told, I have no real control over when the company mails out the product. I’ve been assured that by week’s end (that’d be uh, tomorrow), packages will be on their way to you.

And the Valana giveaway was scheduled to close this week, but wow! By Wednesday, Valana had received 430 entries! So the original plan to announce a winner by the end of this week will have to hold off, so my friends at Valana can sort out multiple entries, incomplete entries and then finally, start looking at the responses.

Whew. It takes a little bit to get the goodies to you, but trust me – I’m working on it behind the scenes. Winners, hold tight. Your prizes will arrive soon!

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