You are probably sick of me blah-blah-blahing about Twitter by now… but I gotta talk about this tweet right here about Oprah’s hair.

On her show last Friday afternoon, Oprah defiantly declared — I’m not wearing a weave! And then she proceeded to display a photo of her actual hair, as it looks before she “gets pressed and curled in the morning.”

This has left me with more questions than answers. Let’s go to the video.

I am by no means a weave detective as many others claim to be. I can’t spot a weave a mile away, and I’ve learned more than once not to assume anything about another woman’s hair. But I will admit, I just kind of assumed Oprah wore hair pieces, or wigs, or some kind of synthetic assistance — just because she’s on TV every day!

Every day she’s under hot lights, and after getting made up she’s getting her hair styled straight, curly, and all points in between. I mean, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton even have their own brands of hair available for sale. Why wouldn’t I assume Oprah’s wearing tracks of assisted hair for the camera, when just about every other celebrity does the same thing?

The photo Oprah displayed left me a little confused. I’m sure it’s because I haven’t used chemical relaxers in so long, I have a hard time playing hair detective. Is Oprah’s hair relaxed? Or wait — is it thermal heat straightened? But she still she uses heat to press and curl it every day? And despite all of that, it looks really long and thick and healthy! Ooooh, what hair products does Oprah use? I bet she’s got the best deep conditioning treatments known to man!

So I’m putting a public request out there — Oprah, please do a show about this topic. In the past you’ve offered curly girls straight-hair makeovers, and there’s SO much to discuss when it comes to hair issues. And now that you’ve shared that photo with the world, inquiring minds wanna know! At the very least, please spill the deetz about your favorite hair care products. We all know you’re a woman with favorites! Introduce us fans to the best of the best. And if you’re down for a fun, frank discussion about natural hair, Afrobella’s forever your girl!

So bellas — what questions would you want to ask Oprah about her hair? Don’t leave me hangin’ — I know I’m not the only one with questions about Oprah’s hair!



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