It’s still summertime, kids – don’t let the back to school displays in stores fool you! It’s still all about bright, beautiful colors, sunshine, and popsicles.

But at the makeup counter, something new and wicked this way comes. I’m hearing the new fall makeup lines will be quite gothy and dark and edgy. Oh my!


Just last week I was sent a few sample items to review, by my friends at Lancome. In addition to their amazing new Fall collection, Declaring Indigo (much more to come on this soon!)

And included in the package was a delightful and unexpected leftover from Aaron de Mey’s Spring 2009 Collection: Pink Irreverence. A special limited edition Color Fever gloss called Piha Black. The description:

“Back by popular demand, Piha Black adds an irreverent twist to the spring collection with its deep black and sparkly, volcanic beach inspired color. Used as a topcoat, the gloss brings a subtle dark intensity and brightness to other lip shades. Use alone for an edgier look.”

When I got the package, I was like – whoa, black sparkly lip gloss? That kind of dark lip look hasn’t even occurred to me since high school when I was a black lipstick junkie. This is so not a look for everyone.

When I announced it on Twitter, the response was instantaneous. Whaa? Pictures, please!!!


So I came up with a look to compliment this black lipgloss. I used the Benefit Cosmetics Smokin’ Eyes kit, MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Lash mascara, and MAC Style Warrior blush in On a Mission — which is a really pretty plum for brown skin. Fancy all the way.

Then I topped it all off with the gloss — which is more sheer than I expected, and brought out a dark plum in my lips. Added my hot new Coffy earrings by Peace Images, and I was fresh dressed like a million bucks.

Then I took a picture for the people.

Wowza. I did NOT expect the tremendous response I got from this lipgloss!

Overwhelming response — OMG, I love it! Where can I get it? I even wound up inspiring my homegirl Heather Park, who twerked the look with MAC eyeliner. SO inventive, I love it!

Well bellas, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, this limited edition gloss is hardly available for purchase anywhere. One of my Twitter friends was able to get it at Bloomingdale’s, and paid $25. But it’s no longer on Lancome’s site.

BUT! I reached out to my amiga at Lancome, and I’ve got THREE Piha Black lip glosses for giveaway right here on Afrobella!!

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me — how would you rock this black lip gloss?

I’m looking for makeup and style inspiration, bellas. Share with me, and I’ll choose three winners at the end of the week.

Can’t wait to read your responses! May the flyest bella win!

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